August 13, 2020

Trump Campaign Statement on President Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Agreement

"With today's historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, President Trump has achieved a victory for world peace that career politicians like Joe Biden were never able to accomplish. President Trump has significantly strengthened America's commitment to our Israeli allies, while also brokering the country's first major peace agreement with an Arab country in a quarter century. President Trump is the most pro-Israel president in American history, and with this deal he has advanced the safety and continued prosperity of the Israeli people. As radical Democrats turn their backs on the world's only Jewish state in an attempt to appease their anti-Israel base, only President Trump could have brought peace between the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim peoples of the Middle East. Joe Biden and other Washington insiders are simply too entrenched in their failed, globalist mindsets."

- Richard Grenell, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, former acting Director of National Intelligence  

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