January 24, 2017

Trump Signs TWO More Executive Orders, Keeps Campaign Promises

President Donald Trump fulfilled two more campaign promises by signing a pair of executive orders giving the green light to the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipelines.

Both pipelines had been blocked by the Obama administration due to pressure from environmentalist groups.

The Keystone XL pipeline will carry crude from Canada to US refineries on the Gulf Coast, while the Dakota Access Pipeline will carry crude from North Dakota to Illinois.

Trump also signed an order requiring the materials for the pipelines to be constructed in the United States, and another streamlining the regulator process for high level infrastructure projects like the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

"The regulatory process in this country has become a tangled up mess," Trump said to reporters.

The new executive orders are just the latest in a string of orders Trump has signed over the past two days, making good on a number of key campaign promise. On Monday, Trump signed orders withdrawing the U.S. from the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, limiting federal abortion funding overseas, and implementing a federal workforce hiring freeze.

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