June 18, 2020

Trump, Stitt Meet on Re-Opening America’s Small Businesses and the Great American Comeback

President Trump met with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt at the White House to discuss the safe re-opening of America's small businesses and Oklahoma's leadership in the country's transition to greatness. Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has acted swiftly and decisively to both save American lives and preserve jobs and prosperity. Now, as the country begins the re-opening process, President Trump and our nation's governors are working together to restore the country's economic success.President Trump will be visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday for his first Make America Great Again rally since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump is the Jobs President and, after building the greatest economy in the history of the world, only he can do it again. In Oklahoma alone, the Trump Administration has provided $5.4 billion in PPP loans to 62,000 businesses, saving 469,000 jobs. They have also provided $3.1 billion in direct Economic Impact Payments to nearly 1.8 million Oklahomans, preserving prosperity and saving livelihoods. President Trump is partnering directly with our nation's governors to restore success, rebuild the economy, and renew the American Dream.


Oklahoma by the Numbers

  • Before the artificial interruption of the coronavirus, Oklahoma's economy had grown rapidly under President Trump:
    • Adding 50,800 new jobs since President Trump's election.
    • Reducing its unemployment rate to 3.2 percent.
    • Growing at an average rate of 1.9 percent.
  • The PPP has provided $5.4 billion worth of loans to more than 62,000 Oklahoma businesses, saving 469,000 jobs.
  • Nearly 1.8 million Oklahomans have received Economic Impact Payments totaling more than $3.1 billion in relief.
  • The CARES Act is providing up to $1.5 billion worth of aid to the state of Oklahoma and more than $489 million to 4,125 health care providers.
  • FEMA has provided $25.6 million in federal support for the state of Oklahoma, as well as:
    • 712,726 N95 respirators.
    • 279,304 gloves.
    • 63,947 face shields.
    • 685,447 surgical masks.
    • 50,500 swabs and 28,500 units of media for testing.
  • March 24: The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Oklahoma’s request for a “1135” Medicaid waiver, giving the state more flexibility and less red tape to deliver care to its residents.
  • April 5: President Trump approved a Major Disaster Declaration for Oklahoma related to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • April 20: President Trump spoke to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt about the joint federal-state response to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • June 4: The Department Of Justice charged an Arkansas project manager in Oklahoma with coronavirus relief fraud. 
  • June 8: The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services (CMS) approved a second “1135” Medicaid waiver for Oklahoma.
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