February 07, 2020

Trump Wraps Up ‘Best Week of His Presidency’


First it was the Democrats Iowa debacle with underwhelming low turnout. Then it was the President's surging approval ratings and Americans’ record-high economic confidence. Then it was the President’s heartwarming, optimistic State of the Union address, followed by his exoneration from the Democrats' partisan impeachment sham. 

This morning’s home-run January jobs report capped off what can only be described as the worst week in the history of the Democratic Party.

CNN saw it coming as early as Tuesday, when Jake Tapper admitted that "Donald Trump is having a week that's frustrating a lot of Democrats." He wasn't the only one in the media who noticed:

  • Scott Wong, The Hill: "Republicans say Donald Trump had perhaps the best week of his presidency, nine months before the election. And even some Democrats privately agree with that assessment."
  • Josh Kraushaar, National Journal: "President Trump now looks like a narrow favorite to win a second term in office."
  • Damon Linker, The Week: "After the debacle in Des Moines, Democrats are reduced to hoping the president's luck finally runs out."
  • Guy Benson, Townhall: "[T]his week's Sunday-through-Wednesday stretch represented the most politically-advantageous four-day period of Donald Trump's presidency to date."
  • David Graham, The Atlantic: "The Democratic Party is deeply divided, the president’s approval rating is climbing, and he’s putting the impeachment process behind him."

President Trump triumphed over Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham and communicated his vision for a more prosperous America directly to the people, all while leading an economy that has delivered unprecedented wins for American workers and families.

With headlines like these, the Democrats should be terrified:

  • The HillEconomy adds 225K jobs in January, far beyond expectations
  • GallupU.S. Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000
  • Washington ExaminerRecord Economic Optimism under Trump, Better Than Reagan, Clinton, Obama
  • Business InsiderTrump Has Highest Economic Approval Rating of Any President in the Last 20 Years: New Poll
  • New York TimesIndependent Voters See Economy Improving, a Potential Boon to Trump
  • Gallup: New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life

Meanwhile, the Democrats have a socialist for a front-runner and a lackluster field of candidates that is failing to energize voters.

They are facing a supercharged Republican turnout machine supporting a president who is enjoying a surge in public approval and an electric economy that continues to deliver wins for Americans.

In short, it's not just that President Trump is winning. The Democrats are already losing.

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