January 15, 2020

Trump’s America-First Trade Deal with China is a Major Victory for American Workers

After years of America being taken advantage of by foreign countries, President Trump is putting America First and fighting for America's blue-collar workers.

President Trump today signed a historic trade deal with China that commits the Chinese to ending their unfair trade practices and purchasing more U.S. goods. 

Additionally, the Trump Administration successfully negotiated the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal, which will create new jobs for blue-collar American workers. 

  • The USMCA will create 176,000 new American jobs, including 76,000 jobs in the auto industry, and boost the U.S. economy by $68 billion.
  • The USMCA trade deal would increase U.S. agricultural exports by $2.2 billion and increase access to new markers in Canada and Mexico.
  • U.S. manufacturing workers would receive the largest percentage gains in wages, new jobs, and exports.

After years of Washington ignoring the well-being of blue-collar Americans, President Trump is putting them first.

  • Wages have grown near or stronger than 3% for the past 22 months, and low-income workers are seeing the biggest wage gains
  • Before this Trump-led wage growth streak, wage gains had not exceeded 3% in more than a decade.
  • The historic job market and record-low unemployment rate is finally benefiting less-educated and less-skilled Americans "who've missed out on other, weaker recoveries."

Meanwhile, Democrats like Bernie Sanders are prioritizing their extreme ideology over America's workers and threatening to undo Trump’s progress.

  • Sanders is pushing an immigration agenda of open borders, which he knows will drive down workers’ wages and cost Americans jobs and opportunities. 
  • Sanders pledged to vote against the USMCA deal because it does not mention climate change, prioritizing the interests of left-wing activists over those of American manufacturers and farmers.

America's blue-collar workers have a choice in 2020: voting for extremist Democrats that put jobs and wages last, or voting for a President with a proven record of putting American workers first. 

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