September 09, 2020

Two Major Energy Groups Endorse President Trump as Joe Biden Plans to Slash Energy Jobs from Revitalized Economy

As President Donald J. Trump leads the Great American Comeback, catalyzing the largest period of job growth in American history, two major Pennsylvania energy groups have endorsed the President's re-election.

The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Coalition (PGCC) and Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers (PIPP) have proudly announced their support for President Trump. In stark contrast to President Trump's pro-energy agenda, Joe Biden would launch a war against our robust energy industry - decimating jobs, increasing taxes, and stripping Americans of the energy independence formed under the President's strong leadership.

“The radical leftist, job-killing, anti-energy policies Joe Biden plans to implement would destroy America’s energy industry, force us to rely on foreign countries to power our lives, and kill millions of jobs for American workers. Joe Biden has even bragged about his plans to raise taxes by $4 trillion and implement the Green New Deal – that would crush our economy and greatly damage our national security. President Trump has protected this nation by unleashing energy exploration – making us energy independent and not beholden to the whims of foreign nations – cut regulations, made America a net-exporter of energy for the first time in decades, and delivered a record-breaking number of new jobs. This endorsement is a strong acknowledgement that President Trump has delivered so many positive results for the American people and it is truly appreciated.” - Hogan Gidley, Trump 2020 National Press Secretary

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