June 28, 2020

War Room Weekly: President Trump Protects Our Country from Radical Mobs While Joe Biden Continues to Abandon the American People

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. hosted ‘War Room Weekly’ with Trump 2020 Communications Director Tim Murtaugh, former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, and Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member David Harris Jr. 

The participants discussed the increasingly violent riots and destruction of our country’s historic statues that Joe Biden and the radical Left continue to condone. In stark contrast, the participants highlighted President Trump’s unwavering support for law and order and his steadfast protection of our nation’s history and faith. There could not be more of a difference between President Trump’s bold, decisive leadership and Joe Biden’s weak kowtowing to appease his extremist party. In addition, they touted the historic economic success President Trump spearheaded and noted that the Great American Comeback is already underway. The panel reiterated the importance of re-electing President Trump in November and encouraged all viewers to get involved with the campaign.


“As the ‘Defund the Police’ movement has swept his party and violent mobs cause violent destruction of private and public property, Joe Biden has showed an alarming lack of leadership and willingness to remain silent,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 Communications Director. “President Trump has been a champion for all people while leading our country to historic heights, and with his leadership, the nation will see even more success.”

"While Democrats continue to fan the flames of discontent, President Trump and the Republican Party have spoken out to condemn the tragic death of George Floyd and strive to pass bipartisan, effective crime bills,” said Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin. “Joe Biden supports this divisive chaos in order to mask his mental incompetence, and it is essential we re-elect President Trump in November.” 

“Joe Biden’s absence from this moment is inexcusable and it makes you wonder how anybody could support his campaign when he has not shown any leadership during our nation’s hardest times,” said David Harris Jr., Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member. “President Trump has led our country to unprecedented heights, brought record-low unemployment rates across all spectrums, and he is the only leader who can do it again."

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