May 18, 2020

Washington Post Admits Coronavirus Tests are ‘Widely Available’


New York Governor Cuomo spoke yesterday about a “new problem” his state is having: New York has more coronavirus tests available than people seeking them. “Who can get a test today? Any individual who thinks they have a COVID symptom,” he said.

Today The Washington Post’s front page confirms it: coronavirus tests are “widely available” across the United States and there “aren’t enough people to test.” Make no mistake, this is a direct result of the Trump Administration’s efforts to completely overhaul a flawed testing model and mobilize the private and public sectors to rapidly expand testing capacity. As President Trump (and Gov. Cuomo) have made clear, any American who wants a test can get a test. Just like the media’s hysteria about “deadly ventilator shortages” was totally wrong, Democrats’ political narrative about insufficient testing is being exposed as false as well.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden spent weeks spreading disinformation about America’s testing capacity, suggesting testing is not free (it is, thanks to President Trump) and falsely claiming that states do not have the testing they need to begin reopening (they do). Biden’s misleading rhetoric hasn’t just been wrong, but dangerous: according to The Washington Post, Americans may be hesitant to get a test because of “a lingering sense of scarcity,” “concerns about costs,” and “skepticism about testing operations” – all talking points that Joe Biden has pushed aggressively.

Keeping Americans healthy and safe is President Trump’s top priority. While he has worked tirelessly for months to build the infrastructure America needs to lead the world in testing, both in quantity and quality, Biden has been spreading fake news from his basement, repeating Chinese propaganda, and slandering the federal workers and experts who worked around the clock to combat the virus.

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