May 22, 2020

What They Are Saying About Joe Biden’s Racist Remarks

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black." - Joe Biden


Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign Katrina Pierson: "White liberals have always dictated which blacks are allowed in the house or kept outside. It depends on how 'clean and articulate' they are. The media dictates who works the fields and who oversees them base on the level of compliance. Same song - different era. No thx bruh!" (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale: "Joe Biden declaring who is and isn’t black is the height of elitist Democrat arrogance. Only one candidate has improved the lives of black Americans: Donald J. Trump. Only one candidate in this race favors mass incarceration, including for minor offenses: Sleepy Joe Biden." (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign Lara Trump: "WHAT IF DONALD TRUMP HAD SAID THIS? Will Joe Biden get a pass on this??? I had to watch 3 times to make sure I actually heard what he said. Here it is verbatim: 'if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then YOU AIN’T BLACK'" (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Trump 2020 Senior Advisor to Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp: "[email protected] has no respect for Blacks with his #YouAintBlack comment. The one guy who supported the Crime Bill, which led to mass incarceration of so many Black men." (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Co-Chairs Diamond and Silk: "Joe Biden's statement echoed the sentiments of racism and bigotry. What comes out of his mouth is what he truly believes. Now all of America gets to see that Jim Crow Joe is on the wrong side of history.  Black people are not commodities; we cannot be bought and sold to the highest bidder.  We have our own minds, we can think for ourselves. Just because we're black doesn't mean we have to vote Democrat!" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Co-Chair Darrell Scott: "Once again Joe Biden demonstrates his  limited mental capacities, and for Charlemagne, who purports to be a representative to and for the black community, to allow Bidens ridiculous statement to go unchallenged, reveals how much so many members of the black community actually value party over principle." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Co-Chair Herman Cain: "Former Vice President Biden’s comment was typical poisonous Democrat rhetoric to try and intimidate black people. It won’t work!" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Deneen Borelli: "As a black American, I'm outraged and insulted by Joe Biden's condescending comment. Biden thinks blacks must vote for him to certify their blackness. It's time for blacks to wake up and free themselves from the Democrat mandate on how we should think and vote." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Ken Blackwell: "Joe Biden is an existential threat to human dignity!" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Paris Dennard: "The arrogance and ignorance of Joe Biden's comments toward every free-thinking Black American are not only bigoted but it is offensive. Thankfully we have a candidate on the Republican side that respects our vote and has never stopped working to earn it through policies that have helped our community the last four years." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Corrin Rankin: "How many times are we supposed to forgive Joe Biden’s derogatory statements about black people, from calling Obama the first 'articulate, bright and clean' African American candidate, to saying Republicans are going to 'put y'all back in chains' and now saying that 'you ain’t black' if we don’t vote for him. It’s time we stop giving Joe Biden a pass -- it’s clear he has no respect for free-thinking Americans, and especially not for Black people." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Madgie Nicolas: "Surprise, the Architect of mass incarceration said something racist and entitled. Biden always act superior to African-Americans, harboring racist stereotypes & identity taxation in our communities meanwhile President Trump shared identities & integration. I am from the first Black Republic I ain't voting for Biden, He ain't equipped to serve us." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Dean Nelson: "Joe Biden's judgmental statement about who is and who isn't Black is more of the same from a Party that takes African-Americans for granted and doesn't recognize our individual worth. Each and every Black person has inherent human dignity from the womb to death, and should not be stereotyped by political elites like the Vice President. We are more than just votes, we are humans created in the image of God." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member David Harris Jr.: "As an American citizen, a proud member of the black community, I feel that Joe Biden’s comment was appalling. To suggest that someone can’t be identified within the community they come from because of their political beliefs is racially insensitively best, and complete bigotry at worst. A President should encourage every American to think for themselves, to vote their values and to do their own research and come to their own decision. For anyone to suggest voting solely based on the color of their skin is exactly the kind of backwards thinking we hope diminishes in our country. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a business owner and am proud to support President Donald J Trump." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Stacy Washington: "Listening to the most recent comments made by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden one would think we were living in the Jim Crow era when whites in America could literally tell blacks what to think and where to live. But look around, this is 2020! Biden believes that blacks must vote for him because otherwise, we lose our ethnicity. If that is all he has, president Trump is in a great position going into November.  Remember when Biden said he learned about cockroaches from black kids? When he said that black kids were 'just as smart as white kids'? This is a man who proclaimed last election cycle that 'Republicans gon' (sic) put y'all back in chains!' That Barack Obama was 'clean and articulate'? How can Biden possibly be the best that the Democrats have to offer Americans? (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Diante Johnson: “Joe Biden’s comments were extremely offensive, hurtful, and discouraging. Joe Biden attacked many black Americans constitutional right of voting for whomever they wish to vote. As a Black man, I never imagine seeing the day when a white man would tell me that my blackness was dependent on me voting for him. Joe Biden needs to apologize immediately!” (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Niger Innis: "I'm ashamed of Senator Biden. His attitude reflects the mass-mentality of the traditional Klan laden Democrat party. As if he has the power and stature to non-exist an entire race of people because  they dane to exercise their 1st amendment right of choice. 360,000 Union soldiers (including 40,000 Black troops) have their lives for Black freedom. Joe Biden in one statement would defecate on their legacy!" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Terrence Williams: "Joe Biden insulted the black community like no other by telling us we “ain’t black” if we don’t follow behind him. I’m highly offended by his comment and I don’t want anything to do with him or the Democratic Party. He does not own my black vote, he is not entitled to the black vote. Joe has to earn & work for black votes. President trump has done back flips, front flips, cart wheels and bended over backwards to make sure the black community was okay." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Sharon LeVell: "For far too long, the Democrat party continues to assume that Black people will fall in line and blindly vote to put them/keep them in office. Enough is enough! Everyone should ask themselves what was the economy like prior to Donald Trump? Under Donald Trump and prior to COVID-19, the black community had record high employment...didn't happen under a Democrat! Prison reform was important to President Trump and families are being reunited....didn't happen under a Democrat! I could keep going on and on, but just stop and think. Let's talk about changes at the local level. What has changed in your neighborhood? If you have had Democratic rule for years and years in your neighborhood, have you seen better schools, better roads, better community or has it gone unchanged for years? Why continue to vote these people into office that take Black people for granted? It's time to STOP being taken for granted! There is no mistake, Joe Biden thinks if you are black then you should be obligated to vote for him. No, NOT this sister! I know, first hand, that President Trump is for Black people. He listens and continues to work with us." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Stacey Dash: "The plot sickens! So now a senile white man determines who is black? Thank you Joe for telling all of Black America to stay on the plantation or else. Fumble!!!! Game over!!! That is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Dr. Alveda King: "Joe Biden has gone past being sleepy Joe and way beyond being creepy Joe, to exposing the straight out racist Joe Biden. Joe, are you saying I am not black if I don't vote for you instead of President Donald John Trump?  Wake up Joe! This is America.  We are not color blind; we are one human race. Like POTUS Trump says: 'we all bleed the same.' Anyway, it is time for us to vote for life not skin color. I’m voting for President Trump’s promises made, promises kept. Not your racist, divisive dribble. God bless your heart 'Uncle Joe.'" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Dr. Linda Lee Tarver: "I thought we achieved the ability to be being judged by the content of our character, rather than the color of our skin. The racially motivated comments by Creepy Joe Biden make him unfit to be president. I have NEVER had a WHITE LIBERAL REVOKE MY 'black card' because we don’t share the same vision and values." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Dr. Robin Armstrong: "Shameful, Joe Biden, Shameful!” (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Members Keith and Kevin Hodge: "The purpose of the decades long civil rights movement was to end the control and Disenfranchisement of Americans of color. But here in 2020 Joe Biden feels blacks that choose Trump over him are not black. Being black is not a mindset it’s a race." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Stephen Gilchrist: “It's unfortunate that Vice President Biden would make such a comment regarding another African American. It is time for the country to move forward beyond the racial divisiveness  and the paternalistic idea that black Americans should continue to abide by the Democrats "group think" which undermines the very nature of the democratic argument for many years the puerility of the big tent.  This consistent pattern on behalf of the vice president is disturbing and Vice President Biden needs to apologize to Black America!” (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member James White: "Joe Biden is such an ignorant and reprehensible dog whistle… and no I will not call for you to apologize or step down from being a presidential nominee… The 1st Amendment does apply… even for stupidity." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Glenn McCall: "Joe Biden's comments were despicable and racist. He believes Black Americans are a monolithic group. Most Black Americans don't think alike. In the 21st Century, Black Americans are tired of their vote being taken for granted and being marginalized by the Democratic party. Joe Biden's policies and voting record over 40 plus years in politics shows he has not delivered sustainable results for the Black community. On the other hand President Trump's policies and actions no doubt show that he is working to improve the lives of all Americans, especially Black Americans. From Criminal Justice Reform, the First Steps Act, Historic Low Black Unemployment prior to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, and the largest financial help for HBCUs in history shows President Trump's actions speaks louder than words. The Black community deserves a choice because Joe Biden and the Democrats have had a monopoly on the Black vote for decades. We have seen the high cost and poor service Joe Biden and the Democratic Party continue to provide the Black community as a result of their monopoly." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Cecilia Johnson: "Joe Biden is the epitome of white privilege. The fact that a 77 year-old white man feels that he can make the standard on what defines blackness shows just how out of touch he is with the black community." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Dr. Carol Swain: "We should not be surprised by anything Joe Biden says or does. After all, he led the high-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas. Joe Biden does not speak for me or thousands of other black Americans. We understand election-year politics and Democrat candidates’ irresistible habit of playing the race card. I am a black woman who will happily vote for Donald Trump in November. In the meantime, I am doing everything in my power to help him win a second term. Joe Biden is a relic from bygone days, when race-baiting white Democrats used scare tactics to manipulate and control black people.  Fortunately, those days are over. I guess Joe didn’t get the memo." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Calvin Tucker: "As a black man for well over six decades I’m appalled by the implication of Joe Biden’s statement  that in order for one to remain black he must support a liberal who has not been a friend to the black community “Says Calvin R. Tucker, Advisory Board Member." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member T.W. Shannon: "Unfortunately, 'stay in your place politics' is a familiar tune from liberal elites like Joe Biden. Of course his comments are offensive to not only the millions of African Americans who voted for President Trump but they’re offensive to all people of color.  But unfortunately, his comments are not surprising. Less we forget, This is the same guy who in 2007 referred to Obama as articulate and clean. The very idea that Biden, because of the liberal privilege he experiences, Has such an heir of superiority that he thinks he can decide who’s black and who isn’t speaks to just how out of touch he really is on issues that affect our community. And contrary to what “uncle Joe”, and the mainstream media would have you believe, African Americans are no more homogeneous in our politics as we are in our taste for art or literature. Truth is, I did not receive my conservative values from a college campus, nor from Hollywood. I learned my conservative values from the small black church I grew up in Lawton Oklahoma. This inflammatory rhetoric is played out and tired much like the Biden campaign and that is why support for President Trump among black voters has nearly doubled since taking office.  In the fortuitous words of my deceased grandmother, Joe Biden needs to “get somewhere and sit down”. (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Clarence Henderson: "In 1992, Joe Biden said his Crime Bill would do everything but hang people for Jaywalking. In 1994, the Crime Bill he helped write was also very detrimental to the black community. Now he has said that 'if you have a problem figuring whether you are for me or Trump, then you ain't black.' I voted for President Trump, and I am black. Compare Donald Trump's record as President to Joe Biden's entire political record in reference to the black community. It would seem to me that if you are black and you vote for Joe Biden you are voting against your health and wellbeing." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member C.L. Bryant: "Joe Biden has confirmed what Black Conservatives who support Trump have known for years. There’s never been more of this type of contempt for the Black vote, which has surely been taken for granted, ever since President Linden Johnson’s uttered his pronouncement that he would keep the N...ER vote for 200 yrs....” (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Elbert Guillory: "Joe Biden just sent a message to America’s black community. He says that black voters who choose Trump over him 'Ain’t black!' Can you even imagine the gall, the temerity, of an addlebrained, senile, old white liberal who thinks he can define blackness for the black community! That is the height of racism! I remember when Biden and Klansman Robert Byrd fought against school desegregation in 1974. I remember when Biden and the Clintons passed the laws which unfairly targeted young black men and incarcerated so many in the 1990s. I remember when Biden and Obama bailed out Wall Street, the big banks and the big unions but left the black community with soaring unemployment and poverty. Biden is the same worn out old race baiting mongrel who has used the black community as a steppingstone to his own power when he needs us, then kicks us in our butts when he doesn’t need us. Today Biden insults every black American, dead or alive. Frederick Douglass, Martin King and my daddy are hopping mad up in heaven!" (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Jack Brewer: "Joe Biden knows that his large base of blacks in America are brainwashed by the MSM to the point that they will actually defend his record of being one of the most racially oppressive law makers in modern American history. Joe Biden supports school segregation as he did in the 70‘s by opposing bussing for poor black kids and continued with the Obama-Biden Administrations opposition of school choice, widening the education gap for underserved black youth across our country. Joe Biden wrote the 1994 mass incarceration bill that disproportionately locked up millions of black men and was able to defend and protect this bill throughout his tenure with the Obama-Biden Administration. Now he hopes that’s black Americans will continue to love their oppressors so much that the MSM will help them forget that it was Donald J. Trump who dismantled Joe Biden’s racist crime bill with the passing of the First Step Act. Let’s all remember that the African chiefs sold the slaves to the white American settlers, just as now the Congressional Black Caucus has sold the black voters to the Democratic deep state establishment." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Kiyan Michael: "Joe Biden has once again proven he’s the true face of 'racism' with his latest blatant and derogatory remarks 'That if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump than you ain’t black.' I’ve always been true to who I am, what I believe and that all men are created equal.  Joe Biden’s remarks hit at a place that directly displays his views and racial disparity of how he truly views blacks. Simply said, in Joe's eyes, we can’t be trusted to think on our own, vote without directives from the left nor should we stand in confidence of who we are, that is, unless it all agrees with the democrats identity and claims on blacks and the control they wish to tighten that they know they are quickly loosening. Once again, Joe Biden misses the mark but consistently proves he’s not ready to lead this nation as one people endowed by our one Creator." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member K. Carl Smith: "Joe Biden’s comment is an insult to Black Americans. In his slight handed attempt to paint President Trump as racist, Biden unknowingly revealed his own racists tendencies. Uncle Joe! You are not my master. President Trump has my vote because his policies are aligned with my values." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Marie Stroughter: "As a biracial woman who grew up in the late 60's/early 70's, who faced housing discrimination before the Fair Housing Act went into law, race and racism have played a large part in my life. I wish I could say these latest comments by Joe Biden were surprising, but they are simply more from the well of racial -- and racist -- comments he has made for which he has been given a pass. From 'gonna put y'all back in chains,' to Barack Obama being the 'first' Black person he'd met who was 'clean' and 'articulate' to his rambling reminiscences of CornPop and his gang of 'bad dudes,' it is my hope that the time has finally come for that pass to be revoked. When Mr. Biden's record is contrasted with someone who actually has a number of impressive wins for the Black community -- criminal justice reform, more monies for HBCU's, championing school choice -- the choice in November is a simple one: I will be voting for President Donald J. Trump." (Statement, 5/22/20)

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC): "1.3 million black Americans already voted for Trump in 2016. This morning, Joe Biden told every single one of us we 'ain’t black.' I’d say I’m surprised, but it’s sadly par for the course for Democrats to take the black community for granted and brow beat those that don’t agree." (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron: "I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the Democratic Party doesn’t need to be in the business of telling black folks what to think or how to think. Joe Biden isn’t ready. He isn’t ready for @realDonaldTrump and he isn’t ready to lead this country." (Twitter, 5/22/20)

American Rapper P. Diddy: "Aye bruh @JoeBiden I already told you the #BlackVoteAintFree" (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Executive Director Harrison Floyd: "I know exactly what I am..... BLACK. And I know exactly what you’ll never be.... PRESIDENT!!! ✊��#BlackVoicesforTrump #woke" (Twitter, 5/22/20)

Black Voices for Trump Deputy Executive Director Gail Wilson: "[email protected] how are you going to tell me I’m not Black? You can’t dictate my bloodline! Let me educate you. I’m 100% Black! 100% Liberian 100% American." (Twitter, 5/22/20)

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