April 26, 2017

White House promises Trump’s tax reform package will help middle class

The White House promised Wednesday's tax reform announcement won't be aimed at pleasing either Republicans or Democrats but instead aimed at helping the middle class.

Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Fox News Wednesday that, while she didn't want to give any specifics about what was in the reform announcement coming Wednesday, the announcement would be welcome news for middle-class families.

"Better than what's in there for Democrats or Republicans is what's in there for all Americans: a tax policy that's simplified, that makes sense, that helps workers and helps the middle class," she said.

Trump promised to unveil his tax reform package Wednesday and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin promised it would be the biggest tax cut in history.

Trump wants to do the first comprehensive tax reform legislation since the Reagan administration, and Wednesday's announcement is seen as the first step toward accomplishing that goal.

Huckabee Sanders also repeated Trump's attacks on a court decision that struck down his executive order blocking federal funding for sanctuary cities.

She said the decision by a federal district court judge in San Francisco is "an outrageous overreach" that would be appealed. She said the ruling showed a fundamental misunderstanding of federal law.

"Even my 3-year-old knows if you break the rules there are consequences," she said. "If cities break the law and don't enforce federal laws, there should be consequences."

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