KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis Debate DeSaster

November 09, 2023

"It was a big night yesterday for Ron DeSanctimonious. He picked out his favorite high heels to show off on the debate stage but maybe he should have stuck with the ones he’s been wearing on the campaign trail. Ron shuffled his feet and gingerly walked across the debate set like a 10 year old girl who had just raided her mom’s closet and discovered heels for the first time. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, his heels caused him to trip, almost falling flat on his face. 
As the debate for FIRST LOSER waged on, Vivek went on the offensive and absolutely body-slammed DeSanctus by calling him, “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels.”
After he was done catwalking in front of America, Ron went on national television to hilariously claim that President Trump’s poll numbers are low. If we entertain that absurd thought for a moment, then Ron’s must be micro-sized and barely visible. It’s no wonder people keep leaving Ron."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson
Another undercard debate, another DeSaster for DeSanctimonious. Before debate even started, Team DeSanctimonious committed the greatest self-own of the 2024 cycle, sending a press release with the phrase "on the heels" in the first line.
As Ron sashayed across the debate stage in his heels, chants of "Trump, Trump, Trump" erupted in the live audience. While President Trump stood before thousands of supporters in Florida, DeSanctus got his clock cleaned by Nikki "Birdbrain" Haley for a full 120 minutes.
DeSantis' top donor is reportedly now considering throwing his support behind President Trump.
Bigelow had warned the DeSantis team as early as three months ago that he would be taking his support elsewhere if the campaign issues were not resolved. Now, it appears he is ready to pull the trigger on that pledge.
“I think Trump is too strong,” he continued, “I think Trump has the momentum, the inertia, to beat [DeSantis],” he added, referring to the Governor of Florida as “dinner” and the 45th President as a “bull.”


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