What They Are Saying: Day 17 of Crooked Joe Biden’s Sham Trial

May 14, 2024

John McLaughlin: “The Voters are getting it…They don’t like the idea that the Courts are deciding the Presidential Election.”
Charlie Hurt: “The problem for Democrats is that extensive polling now shows that voters see through their scam and don’t like what is going on…Watching 100,000 enthusiastic people gather along the boardwalk of a New Jersey beach to support former President Donald Trump on Saturday evening gives you some idea of how terrified Democrats are of Mr. Trump. Whatever happens, they cannot face him in a fair and honest election. Because they will lose and they know it.”
Jeff Zeleny, CNN Chief National Affairs Correspondent: “As I talk to voters across the country in these Battleground States…many of them aren’t paying attention at all and are disgusted and sort of tired with this…The reason that President Biden is having problems, it’s because of young Voters, Voters of color, Inflation.”
Byron York: “For months, Democrats had hoped that the specter of Trump on trial would cut into the former president’s support. Now, we are in the fifth week of the trial, with wall-to-wall media coverage, and it appears to have not affected Trump’s support at all…As RealClearPolitics analyst Sean Trende wrote recently, ‘The political science literature is pretty consistent that this is the time when the electorate’s views about the election start to harden, particularly with respect to the economy.’”
Alan Dershowitz: “This is Election Interference at its most obvious, and every American, no matter whether you're for Trump or against him ... whatever your Political Affiliation is … I'm a Democrat … you should be equally concerned about how this Legal System is being weaponized and abused for partisan purposes.”
Speaker Mike Johnson: “Just apply common sense. Everyone can see. It is painfully obvious. We are now 6 MONTHS out from Election Day. That's the reason they brought these charges here and across the country...The American people are not going to let this stand. Election day cannot get here soon enough, and we will continue to shine a light on all of this in Congress because we have that constitutional responsibility.”
Victor Davis Hanson: “None of the five civil and criminal cases currently lodged against former President Donald Trump have ever had merit…These criminal and civil trials are merely the continuation of extra-legal efforts of the last eight years to destroy a presidential candidate in lieu of opposing him in transparent elections…Enemies like China and Russia now boast that America’s new political prosecutions are similar to their own systems, or even more egregious, and will welcome us into their own customs of bastardized justice. Latin-American, African, and Asian dictators are delighted that the U.S. has lost the moral authority to lecture them on the need for a disinterested and independent judiciary and the rule of law. Our democratic allies in Europe and Asia are increasingly disturbed that the instability and unlawfulness apparent in the current lawfare put into question the reliability of the United States and its adherence to a rules-based order—whether at home or aboard. Any president who would sic the justice system on his opponent might be equally vindictive and lawless to his allies abroad.”
Tom Fitton: “I've carefully tracked the @realDonaldTrump trial up in New York. The ‘prosecution’ hasn't presented any evidence of a crime by Trump. Judge Merchan, at the conclusion of the prosecution's case, should follow the law and end the trial with a directed verdict for Trump's acquittal.”
Matt Whitaker: “As a former acting Attorney General, I'm deeply concerned about the Trial in New York targeting President Trump. This politically motivated prosecution undermines the bedrocks of our Justice System, and erodes Public Trust in the Rule of Law. We must ensure that Justice remains blind and fair for all Americans. That isn't happening in Judge Merchan's Courtroom.”
Jonna Spilbor, Attorney, Townhall: “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: The bulk of the legal eagles dissecting the case, myself included, still have not been able to connect the dots between the stated charges and any evidence in support of them…This case is an abuse of discretion, process and authority at a level never seen."
Brett Tolman: “Gag Order is a tool utilized to protect defendant, rarely if ever applied to one side - Never seen it applied to defendant themselves. YOU HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL PROBLEM without ability to say anything about own case.”
Governor Doug Burgum: “We know from the Polls that President Trump is leading all over the Country, and the conclusion is that the American People have already acquitted President Trump.”
Rep. Byron Donalds: “This is a travesty of Justice. Look around New York - New York has got plenty of issues. You have all of NYPD's Finest down because of the travesty going on in that Courtroom. Meanwhile, the Citizens of New York are less safe. The District Attorney isn't prosecuting real crime. He's a Soros backed D.A. going after his Chief Political Rival, Donald Trump.
Rep. Cory Mills: “This is nothing more than ELECTION INTERFERENCE at its finest. The American People see this SHAM INDICTMENT for what it is.”