Team Trump Unveils New “Seal Of Approval” To Protect Loyal Donors From Scammers

August 18, 2023

Bedminster, NJ  President Donald J. Trump will grant the right to use his “Seal of Approval” to an exclusive group of candidates and committees that the President endorses or otherwise supports. The purpose of the Seal is to help President Trump’s donors distinguish between authorized uses of his name and likeness, and unauthorized uses including oftentimes outright scams. It is intended to protect the President’s donors and supporters from illegitimate organizations falsely claiming some affiliation with President Trump and his campaign.


President Trump’s endorsement power is the most powerful force in American politics. His influence is election defining. When President Trump posts an endorsement on Truth Social, or a candidate onstage before tens of thousands of voters, America First patriots rally behind President Trump’s choice and deliver a decisive victory.


Unfortunately, some candidates, PACs and their fundraising vendors have drained millions of dollars from President Trump’s donors by falsely claiming that they support President Trump, that the President supports them, and that funds received in response to the solicitations will support, help, or defend President Trump.  To fight this scam, President Trump’s endorsement will now include the right to use his name and likeness in fundraising solicitations and other campaign communications, as signified by this Seal. The Seal will be a powerful signal to President Trump’s loyal donors that the sender is on Team Trump, and is not a scammer.


Candidates and committees authorized to use the Seal shall be permitted, and indeed encouraged, to use the Seal in connection with their activities on social media, in paid advertising, and on merchandise.


This Seal is revocable, non-exclusive license, and the digital art file containing the Seal is non-transferable. Any entity that mimics or unlawfully uses the Seal without explicit approval from a representative of President Trump’s campaign may face legal action.


Before responding to a fundraising solicitation from a candidate or committee, President Trump’s donors should visit to review an up-to-date list of candidates and committees the President has endorsed or supports. Candidates and committees that wish to be a part of Official Team Trump and receive the right to use the Seal should visit to apply.


By granting a candidate or committee the right to use this seal, President Trump does not solicit contributions for or on behalf of such candidate or committee.  Additionally, the seal does not indicate or imply that President Trump or Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc. has reviewed or approved any fundraising solicitation or other communication in connection with the seal appears.  Indeed, it has not done so and will not do so.