Crooked Biden Recap: Biden’s Weakness Increases Terror Threat

June 26, 2024

Because of Joe Biden’s weakness, the terror threat against the U.S. homeland has skyrocketed. Here’s how:

The Border

According to a new report from NBC News, “the Department of Homeland Security has identified over 400 immigrants who have come to the U.S. from Central Asia and elsewhere as ‘subjects of concern’ because they were brought by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network.” Concerningly, at least 50 are currently at large in the United States after the Biden administration released them into the country.

Further, a recent report from the DHS Inspector General called out Biden’s woefully inadequate vetting procedures. This concern is not new; border experts have been sounding the alarm for years. They have noted that the ability to vet illegal aliens from countries with conditions that pose a threat to national security – otherwise known as “special interest countries – simply does not exist. Their warnings have gone unheeded by Biden because they get in the way of his talking point.

And these are just the illegal aliens Biden has purposefully released into our communities, saying nothing of the 1.8 million known “gotaways” who have crossed the border and escaped into the U.S. since Biden took office. Astonishingly (or at least it would be if willful incompetence wasn’t the norm), Biden’s impeached DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is still claiming success.


By reversing President Trump’s successful “maximum pressure” policy, Joe Biden has filled Iran’s coffers. On his watch, Iran’s foreign reserves have grown by tens of billions of dollars as his administration either waves or refuses to fully enforce sanctions on the regime. As a result, the largest state-sponsor of terror has empowered their proxies to launch terror attacks on the U.S., our interests, and our allies, including the heinous Hamas attack on October 7th. Iran itself directly attacked Israel in April.

These attacks – over 160 against U.S. forces in just a matter of months – killed three U.S. servicemembers and injured over 100. One proxy, the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists, has increased their attacks to such an extent as to pose a major threat to international shipping. Two U.S. servicemembers died trying to intercept weapon shipments to the Houthis.

Even as Iran continues to send arms and intelligence to these proxies, Biden refuses to reinstate President Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy.


Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation.

Among the failures was Biden’s decision to abandon Bagram Air Base, which freed thousands of “hardcore ISIS fighters.” One of those terrorists killed 13 American heroes in the Kabul airport attack. Less than three years later, Al Qaeda is calling terrorists to Afghanistan to train to launch attacks as the country has become a “safe haven” for terrorists. According to experts, Al Qaeda now has training camps in at least 10 provinces.

Yet, Biden insults the servicemembers who served, the families who lost loved ones, and the American people by claiming he was “right” and his withdrawal was an “extraordinary success.”

That is the only the beginning of the innumerable number of ways Biden undermines our national security. His weakness has led to chaos, war, and bloodshed. President Trump eradicated ISIS and protected the U.S. homeland before. We need him back on office.

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