President Trump’s Historic Accomplishments

October 12, 2023

President Trump Renewed Our Cherished Friendship And Alliance With Israel And Took Historic Action To Promote Peace In The Middle East


Recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel.


Moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Acknowledged Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.


Declared that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are not inconsistent with international law.


Removed the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council due to the group’s blatant anti-Israel bias.


Brokered four Middle East peace deals, collectively called the Abraham Accords, between Israel and Arab-Muslim nations in four months.


Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to normalize relations on August 13, 2020 – the first Arab country to make peace with Israel in over 25 years.


Saudi Arabia began allowing commercial flights to Israel to use its airspace for the first time in over 70 years.


Israel and Bahrain normalized their relations.


Israel and Sudan agreed to normalize their relations.


Israel and Morocco agreed to full diplomatic relations.


Recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.


Brokered economic normalization between Serbia and Kosovo, which included Serbia and Kosovo agreeing to open embassies in Jerusalem.


First American president to address an assembly of leaders from more than 50 Muslim nations, and reach an agreement to fight terrorism in all its forms.


Established the Etidal Center to combat terrorism in the Middle East in conjunction with the Saudi Arabian Government.


Announced the Vision for Peace Political Plan – a two-state solution that resolves the risks of Palestinian statehood to Israel’s security, and the first time Israel has agreed to a map and a Palestinian state.


Brokered a deal with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to restore full diplomatic relations with Qatar.


Cut more than $200 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians.


Issued an Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism.


Advanced missile defense, including assisting Israel with its Iron Dome.


President Trump’s Policies Towards Iran


Restricted travel to the United States from terrorism-infected regions of the world including Iran.


Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Nuclear Deal and imposed crippling sanctions on the Iranian Regime.


Conducted vigorous enforcement on all sanctions to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero and deny the regime its principal source of revenue.


Issued over 3,500 sanctions actions against individuals or entities, including those related to North Korea, Iran, and ISIS.


Countered strategic threats, including Iran’s attempts to obtain U.S. technology and commodities.


Issued an Iran National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin to protect the United States from Iranian aggression.


Built up U.S. energy while choking off Iranian oil.


U.S. energy production - Kept the price of oil low to make it harder for adversaries to finance terrorism.


President Trump Secured Our Nation’s Immigration System Against Criminals And Terrorists


Instituted national security travel bans to keep out terrorists, jihadists and violent extremists.


Implemented a uniform security and information-sharing baseline all nations must meet in order for their nationals to be able to travel to, and emigrate to, the United States.


Suspended refugee resettlement from the world’s most dangerous and terror-afflicted regions.


Rebalanced refugee assistance to focus on overseas resettlement and burden-sharing.


85 percent reduction in refugee resettlement.


Overhauled badly-broken refugee security screening process.


Required the Department of State to consult with states and localities as part of the Federal government’s refugee resettlement process.


Issued strict sanctions on countries that have failed to take back their own nationals and dramatically increased worldwide compliance with U.S. deportation flights.


Established the National Vetting Center, which is the most advanced and comprehensive visa screening system anywhere in the world.


President Trump Defeated Terrorists, Held Leaders Accountable For Malign Actions, And Bolstered Peace Around The World


Defeated 100 percent of ISIS’ territorial caliphate in Iraq and Syria.


Freed nearly 8 million civilians from ISIS’ bloodthirsty control.


Liberated Mosul, Raqqa, and the final ISIS foothold of Baghuz.


Killed the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Eliminated the world’s top terrorist, Qasem Soleimani.


Created the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) in partnership between the United States and its Gulf partners to combat extremist ideology and threats, and target terrorist financial networks, including over 60 terrorist individuals and entities spanning the globe.


Authorized sanctions against bad actors tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.


Negotiated an extended ceasefire with Turkey in northeast Syria.


Signed legislation to assist religious and ethnic groups targeted by ISIS for mass murder and genocide in Syria and Iraq.


Successfully deterred Russia, China, and North Korea from making any territorial moves on neighbors.


Returned 56 hostages and detainees from more than 24 countries.


Rebuilt our nation’s military and supported our troops.


Secured a $400 billion increase in defense spending from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies by 2024.