Crooked Biden Recap: Biden Doubling Down On Dishonesty

July 08, 2024

Things have gotten so bad for Joe Biden, he had to write a letter to members of his own party in Congress insisting he’s staying in the race.

Someone should ask Joe Biden if he wrote the letter or if he remembers what’s in it.

No where in the letter does he explain what happened in the debate, nor the many dozens of times he has been confused, lost, or incoherent – including those we have seen ourselves in public and those reported instances when the cameras aren’t rolling. Instead, he doubles down on the same snake oil lies Americans aren't buying. Among the many lies:

  • “We have an historic record of success to run on.” Does he mean the worst border crisis in U.S. history? New wars around the world? Poorer families? That’s an unprecedented record of failure.
  • "Trump and the MAGA Republicans want another $5 trillion in tax cuts for rich people.” President Trump lowered middle-class taxes before and he has a plan to do it again, including eliminating taxes on tips. Biden raised the tax burden on the middle class, and he wants to raise it again by eliminating the Trump tax cuts.
  • “We are the ones lowering costs for families.” Costs are up over 20% because of “Bidenomics.”
  • “We are the ones protecting Social Security and Medicare.” Crooked Joe Biden has been advocating for cuts to Social Security and Medicare for over 40 years. President Trump will protect Social Security and Medicare.
  • "And they have made it clear they will ban abortion nationwide." In fact, President Trump has been crystal clear that he would not sign a national abortion ban.
  • "And we are standing up for American democracy." Democrats are weaponizing the justice system against their political opponents and trying to kick President Trump off the ballot. Biden is a threat to democracy.

Interestingly, Crooked Joe Biden said “we have one job” in the letter. It wasn't helping families or keeping our nation safe, it was, “beat Donald Trump.” That's because for Joe Biden, it’s always been about one thing: Power. For President Trump, it’s always been about Making America Great Again.

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