Trump Campaign Releases New Television Ad — “History Lesson”

January 05, 2024

Mar-a-Lago, FL — Donald J. Trump for President 2024 released a new television ad, titled "History Lesson."


Watch the ad here.



Later today, Crooked Joe Biden—the first president in American history to attempt to imprison his leading political opponent—will mumble his way through a tired, old speech filled with Crooked Joe's political grievances. 


Biden refuses to talk about the unfairness of his disastrous, failed 'Bidenomics' policies—which have handed Americans sky-high interest rates, record-high inflation, doubled gas prices, falling wages, and crashing investments—but we will.


Under President Trump, Americans' take-home pay was up $6,000. Under Biden, down over $7,000.


Under President Trump, 401Ks hit all-time highs. Under Biden, 401K balances are down.


Mortgage rates under President Trump were low, they are now punishing under Crooked Joe Biden.


Perhaps, the only thing more unpopular than Crooked Joe Biden are his failed economic policies—with 53% of voters saying Bidenomics personally hurt them.


When asked who best to handle the economy, 52% of voters say President Trump. Only 35% say Biden.


When asked who best to handle inflation, 51% of voters say President Trump. Only 30% say Biden. 


President Trump holds similarly strong leads over Biden on the issues of border security, crime, and foreign policy. Crooked Joe Biden knows that American voters squarely trust President Trump on the issues that matter most to them.


So, Joe Biden—the true destroyer of democracywill instead attempt to justify his push to imprison his leading political rival and deprive Americans of their right to choose their next president through corrupt political lawfare.


While Ron DeSanctus and Nikki Haley spend millions of dollars attacking each other, battling for first-place loser in Iowa, President Trump is taking the fight directly to Crooked Joe Biden. Voters have not forgotten the strength of the Trump economy, and in November 2024, they'll re-elect President Donald J. Trump.