FACT CHECK: Biden Is The Real Abortion Extremist

June 27, 2024

Biden is an abortion extremist whose radical views are out of step with the majority of Americans.


Biden has gone from saying abortion is “always a tragedy” to “absolutely” supporting taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand until the moment of birth.


  • Nearly three quarters of Americans OPPOSE abortion after 15 weeks, while just ten percent believe there should be no limits.



Biden’s position is echoed across his administration and campaign:


  • “I’m not gonna respond to that,” Biden said when asked if he supports “limits” on abortion-on-demand.


  • Kamala Harris couldn’t name a single limit she supports on abortion-on-demand.


  • Karine Jean-Pierre has routinely declined to specify what, if any, limits Biden supports on abortion-on-demand.


  • Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra repeatedly declined to name a single restriction the Biden administration supports on third-trimester abortions.


Meanwhile, President Trump supports the rights of individual states to make that decision for themselves.