Statement: Maine’s Supreme Court Deals Devastating Blow To Crooked Joe’s Ballot Hoax

January 24, 2024

“This evening, in Maine, Crooked Joe Biden was dealt a devastating in blow in his desperate attempt to remove President Trump’s name from the ballot and to deprive tens of millions of Americans of the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. This disenfranchisement effort, lead by Crooked Joe’s Democrat acolyte and desperate partisan Secretary of State, was soundly rejected by Maine's Supreme Court in a dismissal of the Secretary’s appeal of a prior order, which kept President Trump on the ballot. President Trump is confident that the the United States Supreme Court will ultimately be fair and eliminate these meritless, sham ‘14th Amendment’ cases once and for all. Until then, President Trump will continue to fight them off at every turn. Make America Great Again!” — Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesman