KISS OF DEATH: Pack It In, Ron

November 10, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious’ terrible week just turned for the worse as new poll numbers continue to show him dropping like a rock. President Trump has jumped up an additional six points to hit the 60% mark, while DeSanctus is middling away at 13%. 


new report exposed DeSanctus in a lie about shutting down Students for Justice in Palestine chapters on Florida campuses. The truth is that some of these hate groups have been allowed to remain active, even after the horrific and barbaric atrocities committed against Israel last month. It’s a complete disgrace and should be disqualifying for Ron. 


It’s time for DeSanctus to finally admit this isn’t his time—and will never be his time. He needs to pack up his knapsack, bum a ride from a friend who has a plane, and head back home where he has been neglecting the people of Florida."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson
New polling from TIPP Insights shows Ron DeSanctimonious' high-heel-studded campaign has completely stalled. In the survey, President Trump holds an impressive 60% support compared to Ron's embarrassing 13% nationally.
In a RealClearPolitics op-ed titled "High Stakes and a Simple Choice," Home Depot co-founder and GOP megadonor Bernie Marcus endorsed President Trump:
For these reasons, I endorse Donald J. Trump as the nominee of the Republican Party and as our next President. I endorse him not only because he has the best chance of winning the general election but because he is the best person to take on and dismantle the administrative state that is strangling America. 


This follows news reported earlier this week that Robert Bigelow, DeSanctus' top donor, has dumped Ron and is throwing his support behind President Trump.





The walls are caving in on Team DeSanctimonious and with only 66 days to the Iowa caucuses, Ron has never been weaker.


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