Bidenomics Means 40% More Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Under Biden Than Trump

November 23, 2023

This Thanksgiving, Americans can expect to pay 40% more for Thanksgiving dinner than they paid in 2020 under President Trump.


According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, Bidenomics means shoppers can expect the following price hikes for the following Thanksgiving favorites:



According to AFBF, the average updated Thanksgiving dinner for ten people cost $60.11 in the last year of President Trump's first term. This year under Joe Biden, the same dinner costs Americans $84.75—a 41% increase.


Since the AFBF began tracking Thanksgiving dinner prices in 1986, the prices have hit all-time highs under Joe Biden.


Last year, the cost of AFBF's "Classic Thanksgiving Dinner" hit the highest price point ever recorded. This year marks the second highest. In 2021—Joe Biden's first year in office—marked the third most expensive dinner cost ever.