Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire Have All Dismissed 14th Amendment Ballot Challenges To President Trump’s Eligibility,  Colorado Should Dismiss Next

November 15, 2023

“As closing arguments are made in the 14th Amendment lawsuit to President Trump’s ballot eligibility in Colorado, please keep in mind the fact that similar 14A challenges in the states of Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire have already been DISMISSED by numerous judges. Each and every one of these Democrat attempts to deprive voters of their Constitutional right to select their next president (aka The STEAL Curtain) have FAILED miserably. The Colorado case, much like the others, is orchestrated by a left-wing activist group, fueled with gobs of cash from left-wing billionaires like George Soros. This lawsuit is merely the latest corrupt attempt to interfere with the 2024 election by supporters of Crooked Joe Biden. Like ALL OTHERS before it, this frivolous case should be thrown out of court immediately.”

 –Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign Spokesman


To Date, Every 14th Amendment Ballot Challenge Has Met The Same Fate: Dismissal. “So far, however, none of the attempts to get Trump removed from a ballot have been successful. The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to block Trump's candidacy this week. Courts also swatted down a similar move in New Hampshire.” (Fox News, 11/15/23)


Yesterday, State Court In Michigan Dismissed 3 14th Amendment Ballot Challenges Brought By A Democrat Front Group. “A state judge in Michigan partly rejected an effort to disqualify former President Donald J. Trump from running for president in the state, ruling that Mr. Trump will remain on the ballot in the Republican primary, and that the state’s top elections official does not have the authority alone to exclude him from the ballot.” (New York Times, 11/14/23)


Earlier Cases In Minnesota And New Hampshire Have Also Been Dismissed. “Disqualification efforts have also been rejected in other states. The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a similar petition last week. And a case in New Hampshire was also dismissed last month.” (New York Times, 11/14/23)


PRECEDENT IS SET. The Colorado Case Should Be The Next Case Dismissed.




George Soros’s Tides Center Has Invaded Colorado With Numerous Left-Wing, Biden-Supporting Dark Money Operations To Swing The Election Towards Crooked Joe.


Soros Has Poured Millions Of Dollars Into The Tides Center And The Tides Foundation.(DiscoverTheNetworks.org, 11/13/23)


The Plaintiff In The Colorado Case, Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington (CREW) Is A DC-Based, Left Wing Activist Group And Major Recipient Of Tides Foundation/Tides Center Cash. “Since its inception, CREW has received financial support from several left-leaning foundations and organizations including the Arca Foundation, the David Geffen Foundation, Democracy Alliance, the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation,  George Soros’s Open Society Institute, the Sheller Family Foundation, the Streisand Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, and the Woodbury Fund.” (Influence Watch, Accessed 10/28/23)


Soros’s Tides Center Has Also Contributed To The Colorado Freedom Fund, A Leftist Group That Pays The Bail Of Criminals Awaiting Trial, Putting Them Back On The Streets. “The Tides Center reported in its 2020 Form 990 that it provided a sum total of $5.97 million to 23 bail funds in 2020, a dramatic increase from the year prior when it reported donating just $216,000 to eight bail funds.” (The Daily Caller, 12/9/21).


  • The Tides Center Contributed $350,000 To The Colorado Freedom Fund In 2020. (The Daily Caller, 12/9/21).


The Colorado 14th Amendment Trial Failed To Prove Anything Relevant To The Bogus Insurrection Claims Of The January 6th Committee’s Report, Upon Which This Leftist Lawsuit Relies.


In Testimony, Key Witness Congressman Ken Buck Refuted The Credibility Of The Congressional January 6th Committee, Calling Its Report “One-Sided” And Serving The “Political Purpose” Of The Democrats. “There was a political purpose to that report, as there is with almost everything in Congress, and the political purpose was ultimately to win elections and to paint the one side in as bad a light as possible,’ Buck said. ‘And that’s why typically there is a minority report in an investigation like this.’” (Nexstar Media, 11/2/23)


Rep. Buck’s Testimony Also Reminded Observers That The January 6 Committee Was Completely Devoid Of Any Internal Criticism Of Its Findings. “It’s my view that the people that would have been most challenging to the evidence and testimony were not seated, either by [former] Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi or Leader McCarthy, ultimately on the committee,’ Buck continued. ‘I think in order to be able to judge someone’s culpability, you’ve got to be able to hear both sides of the story. And in this case, there was not another side.’” (Nexstar Media, 11/2/23)