October 05, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious continues to slide down even further in every poll—both statewide and nationally—and posted atrocious fundraising numbers that are more in line with a congressional campaign than a presidential. By kicking his campaign team out of Tallahassee, DeSanctus has essentially given up on being a viable candidate and is simply campaigning to save face. 


After losing his name, credibility, and political power, what’s left for DeSanctus to do? If he was smart, he’d go back home to take care of the many issues Floridians face. But then again, new polling shows they have soured on him a well. What do you call a man with no home and no future prospects?"

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


T-19 Days for Ron to turn things around and well, it's not looking good. Ron's got less money, less support, and a lot more problems.


A new national Marquette Law School poll shows that DeSanctimonious has shed 2/3 of his support since March.


The bleeding doesn't stop there.


From a report by The Messenger, titled "DeSantis Crushed by Trump in Latest Florida, Iowa and New Hampshire Polls: ‘He’s Losing Everywhere’":


“Where DeSantis has been governor and the people know him best, he still can’t beat Trump. And if DeSantis can’t win in his own backyard, where can he win?” asked top Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, who conducted the survey for a private political client. Fabrizio also surveys for the pro-Trump super PAC, but other pollsters say his Florida numbers jibe with the trend lines of the race.


Trump’s 57-22% lead over DeSantis in the Fabrizio poll is one of his biggest yet in Florida, and it shows a structural problem for DeSantis in the GOP, where 90% hold a favorable view of him and 76% say they have a “very favorable” opinion of the governor.


But among the latter group, DeSantis is losing to Trump 61-27%. That result, reflected in other surveys, undercuts the governor’s core campaign argument that his high favorable ratings will lead Republicans to support him over Trump.


But talking about Florida may even be too ambitious, given Ron's anemic fundraising numbers from the third quarter will likely fail to keep him afloat through the Iowa caucuses in January.


Team Trump raised more than $45.5 million in the third quarter (more than tripling DeSanctus), with over $37.5 million cash on hand—nearly all of it available for the GOP primary.


Out of cash, and out of options, it might be time for Ron to begin preparing for the inevitable.



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