Crooked Biden Recap: The Whole Dem Party’s Failed Debate

June 28, 2024

President Donald Trump won the most convincing debate victory in presidential history. President Trump dominated on policy, he expressed a clear vision for the country, and he held Biden accountable.

The debate wasn’t even close. Don’t just take our word for it – Democrats themselves are admitting as much as they descend into an absolute panic over Biden’s public meltdown. “Difficult to watch,” “where does this go from here," "this race is effectively over,” “abysmal,” ugly,” and “deflated”admitted Democrats, including prominent party members, en masse.

In their desperation, expect Democrats, especially Biden’s campaign, to revamp their new slogan of “don’t believe your lying eyes.” It’s too late. The American people witnessed Biden’s failed debate performance for themselves. Importantly, Biden’s failure is a failure of the entire Democrat Party. It’s a failure of every single Democrat who insisted for months that Biden was “sharp” despite his obvious decline.

As Biden confused facts, figures, and timelines, they insisted he was “sharp” behind the scenes. When Biden confused policy, they issued corrections on what Biden “meant to say.” To explain away Biden’s perpetual state of confusion, they came up with the term “cheap fake.”  Now, Biden’s own performance in the debate has debunked all of their excuses and gaslighting.

Democrats in Congress, in the administration, in governors’ mansions, and in the media have attempted to perpetrate a fraud on the American people – that Joe Biden is fit for office.

He is not, and every Democrat who pushed this lie needs to explain themselves. Americans will hold them responsible at the ballot box in November.

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