September 21, 2023

"Ron DeSantis had one of his worst days on the campaign when he completely beclowned himself on the trail. Whether it’s dropping to FIFTH place in New Hampshire or the unmitigated disaster of his energy policy rollout, one thing is for sure— the more people who get to know Ron, the more they hate his guts."

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSantctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


With roughly four weeks to go, Ron DeSanctimonious may have just hit rock bottom. 


In an unmitigated disaster, the likes of which would make even Mike Dukakis cringe, Ron attempted to roll out his wholly unoriginal energy policy in Texas yesterday.


However, the DeSanctus campaign's recent round of layoffs must have included advance staff, as Ron's comments were utterly unintelligible.


Just hours after Ron's circus in Texas, the Oil and Gas Workers Association, which has over 47,000 members, announced their endorsement of President Trump—in a major diss of DeSanctimonious.



The same strategic brilliance that brought you homoerotic Twitter ads and Ron's failed school of door-knocking put Ron in Texas yesterday—a state where he's down 51-points—instead of the critical early state of New Hampshire.


However, the utter catastrophe for DeSanctus didn't stop with the mangled Texas mess. A new poll from CNN/University of New Hampshire put the DeSanctus campaign "on life support"as DeSanctimonious backers fret over whether Ron even has enough cash to make it through the end of the month.



Ron has plummeted to FIFTH place in New Hampshire, having dropped 32 points since January.


In review, Ron now occupies THIRD PLACE in South Carolina and is fighting to hold SECOND PLACE in Iowa.