KISS OF DEATH: Failing in Florida, Flailing in Iowa, and Friendly to China

November 16, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious only has 26 more days left to take his name off the Florida ballot, or risk being trounced in his home state in the primary.
A crushing new Florida poll from FAU/Mainstreet shows DeSanctus getting beat badly by President Trump—61% to 20%. In every region throughout Florida, President Trump is the overwhelming favorite.
In more troubling news for Ron, a new Iowa poll confirms that he’s dead in the water and even Kim Reynolds’ endorsement hasn't made a difference. President Trump continues to far outpace the field at 54% while Ron is at a paltry 18%-- just a one point increase after the Reynolds endorsement, moving most of his staff to Iowa, and visiting 92 out of 99 counties.
According to the poll: ‘Over half (63%) of the respondents said the [Reynolds] endorsement made no difference. About a quarter (22%) said it made them less likely to support DeSantis.’
If all that wasn’t bad enough, a damning report from the Miami Herald exposed DeSanctus’ close ties to China. His relationship with a Chinese-backed company is under increased scrutiny as he accepted large cash payments and held a rally at their Chinese-backed facility in Tampa. For someone who tries to talk tough on China, he sure seems to be ok bowing down to them."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


The floor has officially fallen out from underneath Ron's high heels. A new Cygnal poll shows President Trump with 60% support and every other candidate in the SINGLE DIGITS. 



Ron is being absolutely dominated in his own state—with President Trump leading Ron in EVERY REGION of Florida



But it doesn't stop there. Despite supposedly visiting almost every county in Iowa, flaunting the meaningless Kim Reynolds' endorsement, moving most of his staff to Iowa, and burning through millions and millions of dollars in ads, Ron gained only one point in two months, still trailing President Trump by 36 points.


Yesterday, a poll showed Ron now occupies fourth place in New Hampshire — with only 7% support. Today, a poll of Ohio Republicans shows DeSanctus in third place in the Buckeye State.


It's become so patently obvious that precisely no one wants Ron DeSanctimonious.


But hell will sooner freeze over before the grifter morons surrounding DeSanctus allow him to drop out before they've milked every last penny of his donors' money.


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