After Humiliating Iowa Showing, National Polls Show Ron DeSantis Struggling to Hold Third Place

August 15, 2023

Bedminster, NJ — Ron DeSantis' latest visit to Iowa was a disaster of epic proportions with the people of Iowa sending their message loud and clear: "We want Trump!"


While attempting to speak to a small group of supporters, DeSantis was drowned out by electric chants of "We want Trump!"




Overhead, a plane banner reading "Be Likable, Ron!" circled the Iowa State Fairgrounds.


Once Ron waded through the boisterous crowd of Trump supporters, he attempted to flip burgers for a photo opportunity— but yet another round of "We Want Trump!" chants erupted from the crowd. 


Suddenly, all eyes were again averted to the sky as Trump Force One emerged over the Iowa State Fairgrounds, prompting cheers from the crowds below.


President Trump was enthusiastically greeted by massive crowds of supporters upon his arrival at the Iowa State Fair and was joined by an entourage of Florida lawmakers who endorsed President Trump. 



On his way to the "egg-on-a-stick" booth, the deflated DeSantis was mistaken for a man named, "Rick."


On Sunday, news broke that DeSantis Super PAC officials stooped to new lows, attacking Trump supporters for wearing MAGA hats at a Des Moines bar. 


Now, Ron DeSantis is struggling to hold on to his third-place slot in the GOP primary.


A new national poll from Kaplan Strategies shows DeSantis slipping into third place, on the verge of falling to fourth place.



Meanwhile, President Trump's lead over DeSantis in the FiveThirtyEight national polling average has grown to the highest ever.


General election polls continue to show that President Trump is the only Republican candidate who can beat Joe Biden, while Biden's lead over DeSantis continues to grow.