Crooked Biden Recap: Biden’s Failed Reset Mission

July 05, 2024

If Joe Biden’s mission this week was to reassure Democrats – and more importantly the American people – that he is fit for office, consider it mission failed. “It’s just my brain,” responded Biden to a question about his health. If that was a joke, no one is laughing.

  • Democrats in Congress aren’t buying it. It took 3 and a half years, but Democrats in Congress are finally admitting what we’ve all seen with our own eyes, that Biden is unfit for office. They know, like the rest of us, that Biden’s debate performance “wasn't an anomaly.”In fact, “far from a one-off, the debate revealed the same worrying traits – memory lapses, incoherence, a vacant look — these officials say they've noticed in Biden’s company throughout his term.”
  • Democrat donors aren’t buying it. Democrat donors are turning on Biden. Disney heiress, wealthy Democratic donors say they won’t finance the party until Joe Biden drops out;” “Major Democratic Donors Devise Plans to Pressure Biden to Step Aside;” andHollywood Powerbrokers Talk About Recasting Bidenwere among the many recent damaging headlines from a party in disarray. As The Washington Post reported, “In the days since the debate, Biden and his team have sought to reassure Democrats his performance last week was an aberration. But his appearances at a slew of fundraisers in the days since have done little to reassure them.”
  • The media isn’t buying it. The Economist (of all publications) didn’t hold back on Crooked Joe Biden, declaring, “the presidential debate was awful for Joe Biden, but the cover-­up has been worse. The dishonesty of his campaign provokes contempt. He must withdraw.”
  • The American people aren’t buying it. A series of polls show President Trump with a commanding lead over Joe Biden and any Democrat that may take his place. The Democrats are even in a place where they are bragging about polls showing them losing.

Biden has himself to blame. Even in his meeting with governors, Biden admitted (again) that he’s not up for the job of president. According to a report from The New York Times, “President Biden told a gathering of Democratic governors that he needs to get more sleep and work fewer hours, including curtailing events after 8 p.m.”

And Biden’s Fourth of July events? Perpetually confused and continually stumbling are the best ways to describe them. His events are such a disaster, his aides won’t even let him speak in a room of 30 people at the home of a donor without a teleprompter, as reported by The Washington Post.

Democrats have a problem of their own creation. Joe Biden is unfit for office, and no matter who they put up, their policies are unpopular, their records are a disaster, and they have disqualified themselves by going along with Team Biden’s effort to perpetrate a fraud on the American people.

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