President Donald J. Trump Receives New Ohio Endorsements

August 01, 2023

Bedminster, NJ — President Donald J. Trump is proud to receive additional key endorsements from Ohio, a perennial bellwether state that President Trump carried by over 8% in the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections.

A recent survey showed President Trump with a commanding 52% lead in the Ohio Presidential primary election.  In the survey, President Trump earned 64%, as his nearest competitor, Vivek Ramaswamy, polled at 12%.  Ron DeSantis received 9%.
President Trump looks forward to expanding his movement across Ohio to compete for and earn the support of Ohio's Delegates to the Republican National Convention and to win Ohio’s Presidential election for a third time next November.
U.S. Representative Bill Johnson (OH-06): “Prior to COVID coming ashore from China, the American economy was booming and everyday goods were affordable; we had the best economy we’d had in nearly 5 decades; nearly every American was paying less in taxes; we were energy independent for the first time in 70-years; we were feared by global adversaries and trusted by our friends and allies; and, we were finally getting a handle on security at our southern border.  Now, prices are high everywhere; energy prices have skyrocketed; hostile regimes and actors are on the move; and our security at home is weakened because of the non-enforcement of our immigration laws. America simply cannot continue down this dangerous and reckless path chosen by Joe Biden and his extremist administration.  It's time to return to the America First, common-sense policies of the first-term of President Donald Trump, and that's why I am pleased to endorse him in 2024.”
U.S. Representative Troy Balderson (OH-12): “President Trump has a commanding lead among Ohio voters because they remember the record low unemployment, energy independence, and secure borders during his presidency.  President Trump was there for me in my campaign for Congress and I am there for him in 2024.”
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague: “Under President Trump’s leadership, our nation’s economy was strong, we were achieving energy independence, our allies respected us and our enemies feared us.  Things have changed a lot in just a few short years.  America is again in need of a strong leader who is battle-tested and able to conquer the many obstacles facing the American people under Joe Biden’s administration.”

These America First conservatives join additional Ohio leaders in support of President Trump:



U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (OH): “In Mr. Trump’s four years in office, he started no wars despite enormous pressure from his own party and even members of his own administration...But Mr. Trump did more than simply keep the peace.  He brokered the Abraham Accords, a historic agreement between Israel and Sunni Arab states providing the best hope of a long-term counterbalance to Iran.  He began the long, slow process of decoupling the U.S. from its economic reliance on China.  He opened diplomatic talks with North Korea after a half century of stagnation.  And he pushed hard—to much derision—for Europe to take more responsibility for its own defense, precisely so that the U.S. wouldn’t be drawn so deeply and dangerously into a conflict like the one in Ukraine...Donald Trump’s presidency marked the first real disruption to a failed consensus and the terrible consequences it wrought...But there is much more to do, and I’m supporting him for president in 2024 because he’s the only person certain to do it.”[1]   



U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04): “No one has demonstrated that they will do what they said and get things done like he did, and he did it with everyone in that town against him.  And that's what I still respect about President Trump, and I'm for him all the way”[2]



U.S. Representative Mike Carey (OH-15): “With President Trump back in the White House, I have no doubt that America will rise from these crises and become great again.  I completely endorse President Trump’s campaign and look forward to serving the American people under his leadership.”[3]



U.S. Representative Max Miller (OH-07): “Donald J. Trump’s Presidency led to a strong and prosperous America.  Adversaries feared our military, new alliances formed, there was peace in the Middle East, our economy was humming, and America was confidently leading.  Contrast that with America today and the choice to endorse Donald Trump for President is easy.  He has my full support, and I will do everything I can to deliver Ohio for President Trump once again.”[4]



Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose: “President Trump has been one of the most relentless and resilient warriors in American politics.  His enemies, foreign and domestic, will stop at nothing in their attempt to keep him from winning this race.  I learned in the Army that when you’re headed into battle, you want to be led by someone who’s both fearless and feared.  We’re in a battle for the heart and soul of our nation, and President Trump is that leader.”[5]


U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno: “Under then-President Donald Trump, America became a net energy exporter for the first time in 75 years, had a secure border, was respected on the world stage, and had a booming economy...Trump put America first by cutting taxes, ending needless regulations, and fighting for fairer trade deals...Trump delivered peace in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, stood up to China on trade, kept us out of new wars, and began the process of responsibly withdrawing from Afghanistan...At the end of the day, I care more about actions, and Trump’s actions made us stronger, safer, and more prosperous...Ohioans know deep down that none of the disasters we are facing under Biden would have happened if Trump were sitting in the Oval Office.  For that reason, he has my full and unequivocal support for president in 2024...Our country needs him back in the White House.”[6]