Endorsement of Matt DePerno

January 20, 2023

From the beginning, the Great Lakes State has been so important to the America First movement. Michigan built America, then bad politicians with bad trade deals tore Michigan apart. Sadly, the radical Democrats have taken control of the State and are working hard to destroy it forever. Republicans in Michigan must unite and work together if they want to save Michigan. We must start by supporting Matt DePerno for Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. He is the only candidate running who can get the job done!

Matt is tough and he will not back down from the fight. He’s a smart lawyer who knows how to win. No one has done more to fight for election integrity. Perhaps most importantly, Matt knows that his number one job is uniting the party! He is the only candidate who has a proven background on election integrity, fundraising, party unity, and has my complete trust. It is critical that we come together as a Party and focus on 2024 and beyond. I cannot think of anybody who I trust more and look forward to working with, and WINNING, than Matt, who has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Join me today by calling Matt and telling him you are ready to unite behind him. We will make 2024 the biggest and most important year in our Country’s History!