October 13, 2023

"Gaslighting seems to be a real problem for Ron DeSanctimonious and his entire team. They have basically replaced the Lincoln Project as a Never Trump organization that takes its direction and talking points from Crooked Joe Biden’s campaign. 

Considering DeSanctus is in FIFTH place in New Hampshire and the only people who showed up to his event were Always Back Down staffers and interns, supporters of his are ditching his dumpster fire campaign because nobody wants to be associated with a loser with no real political future. A former DeSanctus supporter eviscerated the absent Florida Governor during a stop in the Granite State by exclaiming, “You had my vote, be you don’t now.” All DeSanctus could do was take the criticism right to his face, grind his teeth, and dart his eyes across the room.
It’s time for DeSanctus to pack his high-heeled boots (don’t forget the lifts) and head back home to Florida because the more time he spends meeting voters on the campaign trail, the worse his poll numbers become."

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."

T-minus 11 days to the end of Ron DeSanctimonious' campaign nightmare.

As he continues to nose-dive in the polls, DeSanctus was dealt yet another body blow last night. As reported by Politico, Florida State Rep. Randy Fine— who previously endorsed DeSantis—said, “We didn’t have wars when Donald Trump was president.” and “Maybe the governor should focus his attention on who’s fault this is. And that’s Joe Biden.”

Ron has clearly forgotten he's running, albeit unsuccessfully, for the REPUBLICAN nomination. It seems that the all-star roster of DeSanctus consultant-grifters have given up on forcing Ron to cosplay as MAGA, instead opting to go full-Lincoln Project as they approach rock bottom.

Despite sending millions on lavish private jets, Ron is going nowhere—except down in the polls. Stephanie Murray of The Messenger wrote, “DeSantis’s support in New Hampshire has collapsed in recent weeks” where “Trump has a wide lead.”

Will Ron send what remains of his Florida HQ staff to the Granite State? Bon voyage, Pooshaw!



Asked by Fox News if he's concerned about the perception he's flat-lining in the polls, DeSantis pushed back, saying "we're doing it right."


If Ron truly believes he's "doing it right," then by all means, keep it up, Ron!



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