Innocent Americans Are Being Raped And Killed By Biden Illegals — So Crooked Joe Is Granting Mass Amnesty

June 18, 2024

Rachel Morin, a Maryland mother of 5, was heinously raped and murdered by an illegal released by Crooked Joe Biden.



  • Just months before he raped and murdered Rachel Morin, he brutally attacked a 9-year-old girl and her mother in a California home invasion. 


Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student, was brutally murdered by a Biden illegal in February.


Just last night, a Biden illegal was arrested in New York for violently raping a 13-year-old girl at knife-point in broad daylight.


Watch the clip here.


Biden has released over 11 million illegals into our country, including many from the world's most violent and anti-American countries. There are countless stories of Biden illegals victimizing American citizens—the people Crooked Joe Biden is supposed to protect.


This says nothing of the eight ISIS-linked suspected terrorists from Tajikistan that the Biden administration supposedly "vetted" and released into our country.


As innocent Americans are being beaten, raped, and murdered by Biden illegals, Crooked Joe Biden isn't taking action to stop this invasion or remove violent predators from our country.


Instead, Biden is granting mass amnesty, and offering a pathway to citizenship for illegals.


This is just the first step in Biden's plan to grant mass amnesty to millions of illegals—on a scale never seen before.


Even for Biden—who can't find his way off a stage or string together a coherent sentence—this can't be entirely blamed on sheer incompetence. It's by design. Biden systematically dismantled President Trump's secure border:



This national nightmare ends on Day One of the next Trump administration.