Statement from Trump Campaign on Fake News’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

January 28, 2024

"Martha Raddatz’s Trump Derangement Syndrome was on full display this morning—as she nearly fought back tears, just as she did on Election Night 2016. After President Trump’s dominant and historic victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the Fake News is melting down, and it’s never been more obvious. Two weeks ago, President Trump secured the biggest win in Iowa caucus history. Last week, President Trump earned the most votes ever in a New Hampshire primary. Republican leaders across the country have unified behind President Trump to defeat Crooked Joe Biden and, if the election were today, President Trump would trounce Biden.


The RealClearPolitics polling average gives President Trump his largest lead ever recorded over Biden. The Fake News tantrum on full display this morning can be easily explained—at this point in the 2016 cycle, Hillary Clinton held a 2.7-point lead in the RCP average. Today, President Trump leads Crooked Joe by 4.3 points in the RCP average. While Biden is simply unable to find his way off a stage or muster the brain power to complete a full sentence, President Trump has never been stronger. 


It’s never been more clear: the stronger President Trump gets, the more desperate and deranged the Fake News becomes." 

—Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign Spokesperson