KISS OF DEATH: Nikki Haley Stacks Lies As Tall As Ron DeSantis In Heels

January 09, 2024

After yesterday’s unhinged town hall with FOX News, Nikki Haley sank to new lows as she tried to lie and gaslight the American people on her problematic policy positions. Here’s the TRUTH about what she believes in:
Nikki Haley Will Raise Taxes:
Haley pushed for a 60% increase in the state gas tax in South Carolina after promising for years that she would never do so.
Haley voted for a 20% increase in the state sales tax in South Carolina.
She supports a new 23% national sales tax.
Nikki Haley Loves China:
Haley described Communist China as being “a really great friend of ours.”
Haley called Communist China “a friend” in a 2014 thank-you letter to a Chinese Ambassador.
She expanded Chinese investments in South Carolina and gave 197 acres of free land to a Chinese company run by Communist Party officials.
Haley opposed tariffs on goods made in China.
She said Chinese workers can help show Americans how to work hard.
Haley Is Weak On Immigration And Opposes A Border Wall:
Haley opposed President Trump’s travel ban on immigrants coming into America from terrorist countries.
She doesn’t support a border wall and has been critical of ending automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants.
Haley wants unlimited immigration and claims “legal immigrants are more patriotic than most Americans these days.”