December 21, 2023

"The shortest day of the year.
Ron DeSanctimonious likes to peacock on the campaign trail but, in reality, he sends his minions to lower expectations in Iowa and to soften the blow when he comes in third place. That’s exactly what his surrogate Rep. Massie did by saying, “I don’t think [Team DeSanctus] expects to win Iowa – and certainly not New Hampshire.”


It's true, Ron will not win Iowa. Take a look at how many people showed up to his Coralville, IA event versus the massive crowd that showed up for President Trump.


On Tuesday night, Ron showed his true colors when he refused to even explicitly defend President Trump from the blatant election interference from the Colorado Supreme Court trying to remove his name from the ballot. It took hours for Ron to even post something on X, and when he did, it was about as milquetoast as his non-existent personality.


In an interview that aired earlier today, DeSanctus said the one thing about the 2024 cycle he wishes he could change are the indictments against President Trump because they have helped him to a big lead. Instead of believing these indictments are a form of lawfare to disenfranchise voters and a blatant attempt at election interference, all Ron is concerned about is himself. DeSanctus has plenty of things he wishes he could have changed, from hiring Jeff Roe to run his super PAC, to wearing awkward lifts in his shoes, to announcing his campaign on Spaces that was bungled from the start, to hiring his personal cronies with no presidential experience. But above all, he probably wishes he wouldn't have run in the first place so he wouldn't have to humiliate himself on the campaign trail every single day.


DeSanctus bleeds true liberal blue, and he’s exposing himself to the entire country by reciting Biden talking points and carrying his water. Instead of beclowning himself on the campaign trail, Ron should seek employment he’s more naturally suited for—a Biden surrogate."

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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