President Trump Announces Endorsements from Faith Leaders in all of Iowa’s 99 Counties

January 05, 2024

Des Moines, IA Today, President Donald J. Trump proudly announced that he has received over 300 endorsements from faith leaders in all 99 counties in Iowa. This remarkable achievement demonstrates President Trump’s growing and unrivaled support from America’s incredible faith community.  


Americans of faith continue to appreciate President Trump’s unprecedented record of policy victories during his leadership in the White House.  President Trump nominated three Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, issued an executive order to protect and promote religious freedom around the world, and reaffirmed the Judeo-Christian values of our nation’s founding.  


Brad Schroeder, Senior Pastor, Harvest Church of Huxley in Story County, Iowa, stated, "The records of presidential candidates matter. During his time in office, President Trump delivered on his commitments to the faith community, fulfilling promises that other politicians have made for decades.  When he defeats Joe Biden in November, President Trump will once again restore biblical values to the White House, fight for religious freedom, protect America’s unborn, and support the family as the foundation of society.” 


President Trump’s Iowa Faith Leader Coalition includes: 

Adair County               Denise Herrick, Pastor  

Adair County               Dianne Schafer, Small Group Leader  

Adams County            Timothy Blaisure, Pastor  

Allamakee County Dennis Keatley, Ministry Leader  

Appanoose County Wayne Hamilton, Ministry Leader    

Audubon County         Glen Meyers, Pastor  

Audubon County        John Nissen, Deacon  

Benton County           Joshua Graber, Pastor  

Black Hawk County Michael Peters, Pastor  

Black Hawk County Mary Jo Peters, Pastor  

Black Hawk County Timothy Platt, Pastor  

Black Hawk County Ryan S. Howard, Ministry Leader  

Boone County             Kevin Johnson, Pastor   

Boone County             Barney Bornhoft, Pastor  

Bremer County           Chris Dix, Ministry Leader   

Buchanan County       Richard Wearmouth, Bishop  

Buchanan County      Rebecca Wearmouth, Reverend  

Buena Vista County Mario Zavala, Pastor  

Butler County              Thomas Detamore, Pastor   

Calhoun County          Tom Sooter, Evangelist  

Calhoun County          Deborah Sooter, Evangelist  

Calhoun County          Jerome Moulds, Chaplain  

Carroll County             David Rauch, Pastor  

Carroll County             Amy Dea, Board Member  

Cass County                Tony Brandt, Pastor  

Cass County                Dennis Sasse, Chaplain  

Cedar County              Tim Leathers, Ministry Leader   

Cedar County              Tamara Leathers, Ministry Leader  

Cerro Gordo County Jason Miller, Pastor  

Cerro Gordo County Doug Cambell, Elder  

Cerro Gordo County Tracy Anderson, Elder  

Cherokee County        Charles Erickson, Pastor  

Cherokee County        Deb Erickson, Ministry Leader  

Chickasaw County Darin Cerwinske, Pastor   

Clarke County             Ginny Caligiuri, Ministry Leader  

Clay County                 Bradley Wallace, Pastor  

Clayton County          Douglas Wolfe, Pastor  

Clayton County           Julie Wolfe, Pastor  

Clinton County           Darin Sturtz, Pastor  

Clinton County            Korene Sturtz, Pastor  

Clinton County            Jerry Reynolds, Pastor  

Clinton County            Linda Nichols, Elder  

Clinton County            Tim Nichols, Elder  

Clinton County            Lorie Hartman, Elder  

Clinton County            Steven Sears, Elder   

Clinton County            Madison Sturtz, Board Member  

Clinton County            Dave Troester, Elder  

Clinton County            Riley Sturtz, Youth Leader  

Clinton County            Lucas Reinhard, Ministry Leader  

Clinton County            Cameron Sturtz, Youth Leader  

Clinton County            Cathy Townsend, Ministry Leader  

Clinton County            Rebecca Kerr, Small Group Leader   

Crawford County        Neil Bornhoft, Elder  

Dallas County              Dean Scott, Pastor    

Dallas County              David Sixtos-Villa, Pastor  

Dallas County              Linda Evans, Missionary  

Dallas County              Jim Ver Woert, Ministry Leader  

Dallas County              Becky Button, Deacon  

Dallas County              Monte Button, Deacon  

Dallas County              Shellie Flockhart, Ministry Leader  

Dallas County              Dave Hammond, Reverend   

Dallas County              Rose Hammond, Evangelist  

Davis County               Lee Carr, Pastor  

Davis County               Arleen Ogden, Ministry Leader  

Davis County               Herb Ogden, Ministry Leader  

Davis County               David Peterson, Ministry Leader  

Davis County               Celeste Peterson, Ministry Leader  

Decatur County            Mark Deford, Pastor   

Delaware County         Merlyn Farrand, Pastor  

Delaware County         Linda Farrand, Worship Leader  

Des Moines County     Scott Hill, Pastor  

Dickinson County Eric Holdeman, Pastor  

Dubuque County         Adrian Letz, Pastor  

Dubuque County         Michael Heeron, Evangelist  

Emmet County             Steve Britton, Pastor  

Emmet County             Josh Johanson, Evangelist  

Fayette County            Stephen Cohenour, Pastor  

Fayette County            Roland Waterman, Pastor  

Floyd County                Adam Whitty, Pastor  

Franklin County           Naomi Morton, Board Member  

Fremont County          Marcia Rasmussen, Board Member  

Greene County             Ken Bose, Pastor  

Greene County             Susan Bose, Ministry Leader  

Greene County             Ellie Menz, Outreach Mission Leader  

Greene County             Lynn Menz, Elder  

Greene County             Cindy Wise, Ministry Leader  

Greene County             Dennis Thede, Board Member  

Greene County             Linda Thede, Ministry Leader  

Greene County             Dick Fairclough, Board Member  

Grundy County             Jennifer Schwartz, Pastor  

Guthrie County            Mary Merritt, Missionary  

Guthrie County            Dennis Merritt, Missionary  

Guthrie County            Jeff Kienast, Elder  

Guthrie County            Linden Wendzel, Elder  

Guthrie County            Marshall Burgess, Elder 

Guthrie County            Linda Burgess, Prayer Group Leader  

Guthrie County            Pat Subbert, Board Member  

Hamilton County         Patrick Wiedemeier, Pastor  

Hamilton County         Penny Wiedemeier, Small Group Leader  

Hancock County          Matthew Don, Ministry Leader  

Hardin County             Jean Fully, Ministry Leader   

Harrison County          Tonya Dorland, Ministry Leader  

Harrison County          Pat Armstrong, Ministry Leader  

Harrison County          Tim Kosmacek, Board Member    

Henry County             Jamison Plank, Pastor  

Howard County           Mike Simiele, Pastor   

Humboldt County       David Mork, Pastor  

Ida County                   Morris Hurd, Pastor  

Iowa County                Brad Sherman, Pastor  

Jackson County           Paul Figie, Pastor  

Jasper County             Josh Kent, Pastor  

Jasper County             Jaren Lucas, Pastor  

Jasper County             Carissa Lucas, Prayer Group Leader  

Jasper County             Beverly Lloyd, Ministry Leader  

Jefferson County        Katherine Watsey, Ministry Leader  

Jefferson County        Judd Miller, Elder  

Jefferson County        Connie Miller, Elder  

Johnson County         Ajai Parkash, Pastor  

Johnson County         Sarah Tenney, Ministry Leader  

Johnson County         Joel Tenney, Chaplain  

Johnson County         Rabecca Asher, Minister  

Johnson County         Maureena Prakash, Ministry Leader  

Johnson County         Udit Singh, Ministry Leader  

Johnson County         Mitchell Moylan, Ministry Leader  

Johnson County         Adrian Sanchez, Minister  

Johnson County         Elsa Perez, Youth Leader  

Jones County              Michael Elmore, Pastor  

Keokuk County           Richard Kessler, Pastor  

Keokuk County           Rose Kessler, Pastor  

Kossuth County          Annette Valvick, Group Leader  

Kossuth County          Stacey Besch, Group Leader  

Kossuth County          Arlyn Valvick, Ordained Minister  

Kossuth County          Jordan Valvick, Board Member  

Lee County                  Don Culp, Pastor   

Linn County                 Cecil Ballard, Pastor  

Linn County                 Greg Lehner, Pastor  

Linn County                 Brett Mason, Youth Leader  

Linn County                 Bob Klaus, Ministry Leader  

Linn County                 Deborah Mason, Ministry Leader  

Linn County                 Richard Cassell, Ministry Leader  

Linn County                 Raven Stufen, Minister  

Linn County                 Amy Neighbor, Ministry Leader  

Linn County                 Bryce Popelka, Minister  

Linn County                 Geralyn, Jones, Small Group Leader 

Louisa County             Kevin Harden, Evangelist  

Lucas County               Dave Tyree, Pastor  

Lucas County               Mario Perea, Elder  

Lyon County                Leon Meiburg, Ministry Leader  

Madison County         Ernie Rudolph, Elder  

Mahaska County         Cyril McKay, Pastor  

Mahaska County         Mark Richey, Ministry Leader  

Marion County            Jimmy Tyree, Pastor  

Marshall County         Darren Young, Pastor  

Mills County                Mark Sneed, Ministry Leader  

Mitchell County          Jamie Bridgewater, Pastor  

Monona County          Cindy Osterholt, Ministry Leader  

Monona County          Jerry Osterholt, Elder  

Monroe County          Tereasa Emerson, Ministry Leader  

Montgomery County Heather Kull, Ministry Leader 

Muscatine County Janice Barger, Pastor  

Muscatine County Mark Anderson, Pastor  

O’Brien County           Michelle Noack, Youth Leader  

Osceola County           Jacob Paulson, Pastor  

Page County                James Patterson, Pastor  

Palo Alto County Steve Struecker, Pastor  

Plymouth County        Dorothy Arens, Worship Leader  

Plymouth County        Lynn Fleckenstein, Small Group Leader  

Plymouth County        Carl Rager, Deacon  

Plymouth County        Sheila Rager, Deaconess  

Plymouth County        Cindy Hughes, Ministry Leader  

Pocahontas County Paul Hoyt, Pastor  

Pocahontas County Kelly Pabst, Pastor  

Polk County                 Dan McCoy, Pastor  

Polk County                 Don Buhrow, Pastor  

Polk County                 Garret Lamb, Pastor  

Polk County                 David Leach, Pastor  

Polk County                 Steve Freeman, Pastor  

Polk County                 Robert Curry, Pastor  

Polk County                 Stephen Wonbenyakeh, Pastor  

Polk County                 Charles Hundley, Pastor  

Polk County                 Marnie Miller, Pastor  

Polk County                 Brian Ruggles, Pastor  

Polk County                 Barb Heki, Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Edward Ray, Elder  

Polk County                 Rich Heki, Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Greg McCall, Reverend/Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Mark Densmore, Elder  

Polk County                 Kelly Wyllie, Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Jennifer Bramble, Youth Leader  

Polk County                 Dianne Collete, Women’s Group Leader  

Polk County                 Hank Carey, Small Group Leader  

Polk County                 Greg McCall, Prayer Group Leader  

Polk County                 Cathy McCall, Prayer Group Leader  

Polk County                 Cliff Carey, Chairman of Board  

Polk County                 Becky Freeman, Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Steve Flindt, Elder  

Polk County                 John Johnson, Ministry Leader  

Polk County                 Lila Shutt, Minister  

Polk County                 Jeffrey Nicodemus, Missionary  

Polk County                 Kim Marsh, Deaconess  

Polk County                 Deann Bates, Small Group Leaders  

Polk County                 Robert Ussery, Evangelist  

Pottawattamie County  Joseph Hall, Pastor  

Pottawattamie County  Chad Springer, Pastor  

Pottawattamie County  John Mccallen, Pastor  

Pottawattamie County  Brian Tatman, Pastor  

Pottawattamie County  Jim Kohl, Director  

Pottawattamie County  Teri Kohl, Director  

Pottawattamie County  Lawrence Moore, Board Member  

Pottawattamie County  Michelle Brooks, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Kris Springer, Worship Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Marilyn Knauss, Small Group Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Robert Peters, Board Member  

Pottawattamie County  Joel Peters, Prayer Group Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Jane Dough-Mccallen, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Kyleb Hall, Youth Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Kris Ranney, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Lisa Campbell, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Joe Skinner, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Susan Jungman, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Karen Skinner, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Roxanne Pruitt, Youth Leader   

Pottawattamie County  Lee Ann Walker, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Tony Maiefski, Chaplain  

Pottawattamie County  Ted Pruitt, Ministry Leader  

Pottawattamie County  Kelley McAtee, Ministry Leader  

Poweshiek County Ann Border, Small Group Leader  

Ringgold County Paul Dykstra, Ministry Leader  

Ringgold County Paul Chishala, Pastor  

Sac County                    Debra Bornhoft, Ministry Leader  

Scott County              Josue Rodriguez, Pastor  

Scott County               Tony Hacker, Pastor  

Scott County               Joel Koebnat, Pastor  

Scott County              Mike Griffiths, Pastor  

Scott County               Gail Griffiths, Pastor  

Scott County              Roger Adkins, Pastor  

Scott County               Tammy Adkins, Pastor  

Scott County             Joshua Davis, Pastor  

Scott County               Wayne Holm, Pastor  

Scott County               Renee Holm, Pastor  

Scott County               Barb Henington, Pastor  

Scott County              Jim Heubach, Pastor  

Scott County               Sheila Heubach, Pastor  

Scott County               Kathryn Bohn, Ministry Leader  

Scott County               Luana Stoltenberg, Ministry Leader  

Scott County               Marti Puls, Minister  

Scott County               Stacey Insisiengmay, Ministry Leader  

Scott County               Tracey Pettett, Ministry Leader  

Scott County               Anthony Evangelista, Community Church Leader  

Scott County               Eleza Miller, Ministry Leader  

Scott County               David Pautsch, Minister  

Scott County               Gary Fincher, Worship Leader  

Scott County               Dennis Holm, Elder  

Scott County               Dale Coparanis, Ministry Leader  

Shelby County             Janell Wullschleger, Ministry Leader  

Sioux County               Mark Cercone, Pastor  

Story County               Brad Schroeder, Pastor   

Story County               Bud Seeman JR, Pastor  

Story County               Dennis Reynolds, Pastor  

Story County               Kathy Cline, Worship Leader  

Story County               Barbara Reynolds, Youth Leader  

Story County               Dessie Schroeder, Ministry Leader  

Story County               Denise Seeman, Ministry Leader  

Story County               Julia Anderson, Ministry Leader  

Tama County              Robert Ballinger, Ministry Leader  


Tama County            Ann Ballinger, Small Group Leader  

Taylor County           Vicki Streebin, Ministry Leader  

Union County            Donna Miller, Ministry Leader  

Van Buren County Chris Sprouse, Evangelist  

Wapello County          Rick Bick, Pastor   

Wapello County          Travis Decker, Pastor  

Wapello County          John Johnson, Pastor  

Wapello County          Donna Johnson, Pastor  

Wapello County          Wes VanAntwerp, Pastor  

Wapello County          Christian Schrock, Pastor  

Wapello County         Jeff Hendred, Pastor  

Wapello County          John Gilworth, Elder  

Wapello County         Trent Baker, Elder  

Wapello County          Susan Baker, Elder  

Wapello County          Doug McAntire, Ministry Leader  

Wapello County          Jeremiah Clark, Group Leader  

Warren County           David Brown, Pastor  

Warren County           Bryan Bailey, Pastor  

Warren County           David Lage, Ministry Leader  

Warren County           Patricia Lage, Ministry Leader  

Warren County           James Johnson, Reverend/ Minister  

Washington County Dick Green, Pastor  

Washington County Larry Black, Pastor  

Washington County Bonnie Wager, Prayer Group Leader  

Wayne County            Neil Montz, Pastor  

Webster County          Stanley Herndon, Pastor  

Webster County          Kendall Meyer, Pastor  

Webster County          Alicia Porter, Pastor  

Webster County          Al Telschaw, Elder  

Webster County          Julie Davis, Elder  

Webster County         Linda Mccormick, Ministry Leader  

Webster County          Chad Ober, Ministry Leader  

Webster County          Lee Dreyer, Ministry Leader  

Webster County          Glenn Dorman, Minister  

Winnebago County Terry Thompson, Board Member  

Winneshiek County Steven Kelsay, Minister  

Winneshiek County Laura Gillespie, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Sandra Hanlon, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Mike Hanlon, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      William Claeys, Pastor  

Woodbury County      Robyn Claeys, Pastor  

Woodbury County      James Anderson, Pastor  

Woodbury County      Tod Garr, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Karin Garr, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Jim Carlin, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Bill Kleich, Small Group Leader  

Woodbury County      Debby Carson, Board Member  

Woodbury County      Jim Carson, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      Dave Seiler, Board Member  

Woodbury County      Marlo Griebel, Elder  

Woodbury County      Mary Lou Burns, Ministry Leader  

Woodbury County      John Rosentrader, Board Member  

Woodbury County      Mary Stevens, Prayer Group Leader  

Worth County             Juli Kvale, Minister  

Worth County             Aaron Harms, Ministry Leader  

Wright County           Pamela Tate, Youth Leader