Joe Biden Had A Really, Really Bad Day… But In Case He Forgot:

February 09, 2024

MEDIAITE: Paul Begala Sounds Alarm on Biden Presser: ‘Terrible for Democrats and Anybody With a Functioning Brain Knows It’


THE NATIONAL PULSE: Biden Insists He *Is* Fit for Prosecution, Before Claiming Mexico Borders Gaza.


DAILY MAIL: Doctors demand Biden take dementia tests NOW after an astonishing week of gaffes - capped off by brutal DOJ probe that found President suffers 'significant limitations in memory'


THE HILL: Democratic lawmaker on Biden presser: ‘That’s not the way you want to do it’


DAILY CALLER: Biden World’s ‘MAGA Guy’ Attack On Robert Hur Just Doesn’t Add Up, Records Show


THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Even CNN says Biden lying about his handling of classified information


WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: House Dem Suggests Disastrous Presser Was Past Biden’s Bedtime. It Was at 7:45 P.M.


THE FEDERALIST: Either Biden Is An ‘Elderly Man With A Poor Memory,’ Or He Needs To Be Charged. Pick One.


WASHINGTON POST: Forget about a second term. Is Biden fit to be president right now?


FOX NEWS: Biden ghostwriter escapes special counsel charges despite deleting evidence


PJ MEDIA: Report: Biden 'Blew up' in Private Over Special Counsel Report


THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Joe Biden, a powder keg about to explode


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Trump’s lead widens, and Biden defends his mental sharpness.


DC ENQUIRER: Biden Makes MAJOR Blunder During National Address - 'Biden Was Babbling Incoherently'


AMERICAN GREATNESS: Biden Mixes Up European Leaders Several Times in One Week, Claims He Talked to Dead Leaders


MEDIAITE: Joe Biden’s ‘My Memory Is Fine’ Press Conference Was An All-Time PR Blunder


FOX NEWS: Biden blistered by mainstream media after 'disaster' press conference: 'Elderly, irritable man'


THE HILL: Why Biden could be past the point of no return in his battle against Trump


FOX NEWS: Biden lashes out at reporters asking about age concerns after special counsel report: 'That is your judgment!'


THE INDEPENDENT: Biden confuses presidents of Mexico and Egypt at surprise presser to address claims over memory loss


DAILY BEAST: Biden Confuses Presidents of Egypt and Mexico During Presser About His ‘Memory’


THE BLAZE: Biden lashes out in national address at special counsel report detailing his memory lapses, then makes embarrassing mistake


THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR: Joe Biden: I See Dead People


BUSINESS INSIDER: Bad night for a furious Biden


FOX NEWS: Marc Thiessen: We should be concerned whether Biden can finish his first term


JUST THE NEWS: In presser defending his mental state, Biden labels Egyptian president as leader of Mexico