FACT CHECK: Biden Fueled The Inflation Crisis

June 27, 2024

Crooked Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed inflation was “9%” when he took office, but he couldn’t be more wrong.


  • Biden took office with year-over-year inflation at 1.4% — then promised rising inflation was “transitory” as it went higher and higher, peaking at 9.1% well over a year later.


  • Under Biden, Americans have experienced the longest period of high inflation since the late 1980s — with overall prices up 20.1% since he took office.


  • The actual Consumer Price Index has reached a new “ALL-TIME HIGH” under Biden, underscoring the devastating effects of Biden’s cumulative price hikes.


  • Average inflation under Biden is DOUBLE what it was under any of the last four presidents.


  • Biden’s reckless spending fueled the inflation crisis — despite warnings from top economists.


    • Economists called Biden’s $1.9 trillion tax-and-spending spree “the original sin” of inflation — and it only got worse from there as Biden and Democrats spent trillions more in taxpayer money.


Under President Trump, Americans enjoyed prosperity.