October 01, 2023

"Ron DeSanctomonious has exactly 23 days left to overcome a 50 point deficit, build an actual grassroots and political operation, and raise tens of millions of dollars. Instead, he’s fallen further behind in the polls, laid off staff, and is struggling to raise cash. Not exactly a recipe for success. 


Considering he had to give a speech from a much smaller room at the CAGOP convention this weekend because nobody wanted to listen to the garbage he was spewing, the DeSanctus campaign’s impact has gone from Tiny to downright Micro.


But it’s a new week, and maybe they can turn things around. Then again, maybe DeSanctus will find new ways to embarrass and humiliate himself on the campaign trail. Unfortunately for Ron, you can’t coach personality!"

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


With a little more than three weeks to go, Ron seems to be in the bargaining phase of the Ron DeSanctimonious Stages of Grief.



We've seen Ron deny, deny, deny his absolutely catastrophic collapse in the polls... in national polls, in early state polls, in general election polls. 


We've seen Ron lash out... perhaps, as he began to realize just how badly he'd bungled his campaign and his decision to enter the race in the first place.


Now, the DeSanctimonians are attempting to bargain with themselves in an effort to rationalize a harsh reality: DeSanctus' campaign is dead.


In a recent Reuters article, DeSanctus advisors and donors tried to explain away the dumpster fire they set ablaze.


"If only he had jumped in sooner," they pleaded. "If only he had the courage to attack President Trump (even if he had to lie)."


With every coming day, it seems comes a new poll showing Ron crashing to an all-new low. (See: Messenger poll)


If Ron's campaign miraculously survives the next 23 days, he can soon begin the final stage: acceptance.



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