Securing Our Borders and Reclaiming America’s Sovereignty

June 26, 2023

President Donald J. Trump secured America’s southern border and will wage war on the deadly cartels once he returns to the Oval Office. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has handed over complete control of the U.S. southern border to the dangerous cartels and put American communities on the frontline.


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President Trump will sign an executive order ending automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens.


On Day One, President Trump will reinstate his incredibly successful border policies, including safe third agreements, Remain in Mexico, asylum bans, building more border wall, and prosecuting illegal Aliens.


On Day One, President Trump will secure our southern border by shifting federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement, issuing a policy directive establishing a Core National Defense Mission to protect American sovereignty, and moving thousands of troops currently stationed overseas to our OWN border.


The U.S. Border Patrol has reported three times as many illegal border crossings under Joe Biden than took place under President Trump.[1] The Biden administration continues to break records for historic illegal border crossings, with over 6.3 million illegal crossings since taking office, more than the populations of Los Angeles and Houston combined.[2]


Data shows 191,899 illegal immigrants were apprehended attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in March 2023 alone.[3] 5 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended by Customs and Border Protection and an estimated 1.3 million ‘gotaways’ have escaped past Border Patrol.[4]


In his first year in office, Biden passed nearly 90 executive orders undoing successful Trump border and immigration policies.[5] Since, Joe Biden has encouraged unending migration. 


On January 5, Biden announced unilateral executive mass amnesty and work permits for 30,000 new illegals every month before they even reach our borders[6]—allowing migrants to apply for entry from a mobile app.


As a result, foreign nationals from around the world and deadly drugs continue to flow across the southern border. In Joe Biden’s America, 300 people are poisoned with fentanyl each day.[7] 2,848 pounds of deadly fentanyl and 13,639 pounds of methamphetamine were seized at the southern border in March 2023 alone.[8]


On Joe Biden’s watch, record amounts of deadly fentanyl have entered the country through ports of entry and illegal border crossings. In FY 2022, CBP and Border Patrol agents seized over 14,104 pounds of deadly fentanyl.[9]


For the first time in the history of the United States, our nation surpassed 100,000 overdoses in a 12-month period. Of those 100,000 overdose fatalities reported from April 2020 to April 2021, over 64,000 deaths were due to fentanyl — a synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine.[10]


Amid the record numbers of illegal border crossings, the Biden administration repealed Title 42, which immigration officials have used 2.5 million times at the southern border to expel migrants to Mexico or their home countries.[11] 


The Biden administration immediately revived the “catch-and-release” policy, sparking a surge in illegal border crossings since Biden has taken office.[12]


Last year alone, agents seized enough fentanyl to kill 379 million people—more than the entire population of the United States.[16]


Additionally, at least 98 known or suspected terrorists attempted to cross the southern border in 2022—a figure that doesn’t include any “gotaways.”[17] Last year, federal agents uncovered a plot by a known ISIS-affiliated immigrant to smuggle four Iraqi nationals across the open border.


While the Northern Triangle nations—comprised of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—have continued to violate America’s sovereignty, Biden’s border czar Kamala Harris has provided the Northern Triangle with record foreign aid.[18]


Since Joe Biden took office, convicted-criminal-alien encounters—including rapes, murders, and assaults—have increased by 466% in the United States.[19]


To conceal the true cost of the border crisis, the Biden administration has recruited NGOs to settle illegal aliens in states across the country, in exchange for federal grants worth over $137 million.[20]


President Trump secured our southern border and honored the U.S. Border Patrol.


President Trump built over 450 miles of the world’s most robust and advanced border wall, resulting in an 87% reduction in illegal border crossings where the wall stands.[21]


The Trump administration fully enforced America’s immigration laws with the Department of Justice prosecuting a record number of immigration-related cases.[22]


President Trump ended the dangerous policy of “catch-and-release,” which allowed illegal aliens to be released into the United States, often never to be seen again. 


To combat asylum claim abuse and backlog for authentic asylum claims, the Trump administration trained frontline Border Patrol agents to assist USCIS perform credible fear screenings for illegal border crossers.[23]


Under President Trump, the United States entered a historic partnership with the Mexican government to deploy tens of thousands of Mexican soldiers to secure their side of the border. Additionally, President Trump ordered nearly 5,000 troops to the southern border.


President Trump has pledged to shut down Biden’s border disaster. He will again end catch-and-release, restore Remain in Mexico, and eliminate asylum fraud.


President Trump’s plan to secure the border includes a commitment to declare war and defeat the cartels, just as President Trump did with ISIS.


In addition to restoring strong border security, President Trump will deploy all necessary military assets, including the U.S. Navy to impose a full naval embargo on the cartels.


President Trump has also committed to direct the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces, cyber warfare, and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations.


President Trump has pledged to designate the dangerous cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, to curb their access to global financial systems.


Additionally, President Trump has vowed to form an unprecedented partnership with neighboring governments in our region to defeat these cartels. President Trump is prepared to take every action, including exposing every bribe, payoff, and corruption that is allowing the cartels to continue their brutal reign.


President Trump will work with Congress to pass legislation that ensures drug smugglers and human traffickers receive the death penalty. 


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