October 15, 2023

"When Ron DeSanctimonious is in FOURTH place in the polls, it’s only fitting that he was slotted in FOURTH place on Deface the Nation this Sunday morning.


Yesterday, DeSanctus was on the campaign trail and said that, “Trump views everything through the lens of him. If you’re kissing his rump, then you’re great. If you’re not, then he’s going to attack you.”


There was no bigger ass kisser than DeSanctus when his campaign for governor was dying like a wounded animal and he begged President Trump for an endorsement. He even ran a television ad featuring President Trump’s policies and catchphrases. By the end of the campaign after President Trump single-handedly dragged him to victory, Ron’s lips were chapped and knees bruised from all the begging he did.


Pucker up, Ron. You’re going to find out that your days of being a political panhandler are far from over."

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


Ron is now in the single digits in the polls and in days left before Jeff Roe disowns him.


The only news coming out of the DeSanctus camp is bad news for Ron. A new report from Business Insider reveals that Ron's Super PAC 'Always Back Down' has already given up on their high-heeled dud of a candidate:


With the California rule change, a Trump victory exceeding 50% would shut out every other Republican from the state's massive delegate haul and ensure a smoother path for the former president to win the party's nomination.


And DeSantis allies have seemingly taken note, as The Times reported that Never Back Down — a pro-DeSantis super PAC — has ended its door-knocking operation in California.


"It gives him an advantage that a front-runner has never had before to absolutely wrap it up by Super Tuesday," Ginsberg said of Trump.


Ron is out of cash and out of options—and it shows. Ron now spends his final days as a candidate appearing on any left-wing morning or weekend show that will have him. Maybe Ron likes the humiliation, or maybe his crack team of advisors are dumber than we thought.


Either way, Ron has nine days before it all comes tumbling down. Savor it, Ron!



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