KISS OF DEATH: 29 Days of Losing

November 13, 2023

"There’s more bad news for Ron DeSanctimonious as new polling shows him LOSING to Crooked Joe Biden in a general election, in what would be the biggest general election blowout in 16 years.
There are only 29 days left for DeSanctus to withdraw his name from the Florida primary in order to save face from what would be a humiliating defeat in his home state. President Trump is thoroughly dominating him by a wide margin, and Ron can either continue embarrassing himself, or he can do the smart thing and end his campaign.
Whatever decision he makes, it’ll be the end of his political career. He can either do it on his own terms or Team Trump will make the decision for him."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


Another poll, another gut punch to the DeSanctimonians. A new survey from Stack Data Strategy, a firm known for its work with the NRSC which "nailed the 2022 midterms," shows President Trump handily beating Crooked Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Gavin Newsom in hypothetical general election matchups.



Interestingly, Biden trounces DeSanctus by double the electoral votes. In fact, DeSanctus would earn the fewest electoral votes of any major party candidate in nearly 20 years.


From The National Pulse:


With Trump at the top of the ticket, Republicans can expect to flip Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


“Our research is the largest exercise of its kind so far this cycle and we can confidently say that as things currently stand, if Donald Trump is selected as the Republican candidate, he is likely to win,” said Joe Bedell, the Head of Stack Data Strategy in North America, adding: “Despite recent calls for change, our polling also shows that neither party would benefit from a change in candidate, President Trump would beat both of Biden’s possible replacements by an even greater margin.”


Meanwhile, Team Birbrain announced a $10 million ad buy in Iowa and New Hampshire to drive the final nail in the coffin of the DeSanctus campaign.


From the Associated Press:
Nikki Haley‘s presidential campaign will reserve $10 million in television, radio and digital advertising across Iowa and New Hampshire beginning in the first week of December, a massive investment designed to give the former United Nations ambassador an advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a critical moment in the GOP nomination fight.

With merely 29 days left for DeSanctus to remove his name from Florida's 2024 GOP primary ballot, things are looking bleaker than ever. But if we know one thing about Ron DeSanctimonious, it's that he's a glutton for self-humiliation. 


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