“We Can Do It At The White House”: President Trump Calls On Crooked Joe Biden to Debate Now

April 26, 2024

Watch the clip here.




Thank you very much. This is eight days that we've all been sitting in this courthouse. This is all a Biden indictment. It's in order to try and win an election, political opponent, and nothing like this has ever happened. Eight days.


As you know, the economy is falling apart now. Now, you're seeing it. Very little growth; it's going to get worse. Oil prices are going up. And you have the college campuses all over closed down. Our country's going to hell. And we sit here day after day after day, which is their plan. They think they might be able to eek out an election, but I doubt it because the poll numbers are very good for us. 


I just want to say that I've invited Biden to debate. He can do it anytime he wants, including tonight. I'm ready. Here we are. I invited him to the courthouse that he has tied up in, his administration. This is all being done for Washington. It's all a well-coordinated attack on a political opponent. But I'm here; I'm ready, willing, and able. And if he wants I'll do it on Monday night, Tuesday night or Wednesday night, we'll be in Michigan, a state that he's destroyed because of the auto industry. We're not going to have any jobs left in Michigan, no auto jobs left in Michigan, they're all going over to China and other places with his ridiculous EV mandate, electric vehicle mandate. 


But we're willing to do it Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night or Friday night on national television. We're ready. Just tell me where. We'll do it at the White House. That would be very comfortable, actually. But you tell me where. We're ready. He's obviously not showing up now. We heard nothing. But he said today that "Oh, I'd love to debate," but he won't debate. I don't think he'll debate maybe he will. Maybe, well I'm not sure he has a choice. But that's the story. So here we are. We're ready, willing, and able, and we don't see him, and I don't think he'll be here. But maybe next week he'll do it. I doubt it. But maybe next week. 


So I just want to thank everybody for being here. I know you have to suffer through this like everybody else. Nothing has come. This is a case that should have never been brought. Every legal scholar, every legal expert, Andy McCarthy, Jonathan, Andy. Every single one. Jonathan Turley came out with a scathing report on this trial today. Andy McCarthy scathing report. Mark Levin, can't believe this is happening in our country. There's no case here. There's no case whatsoever. It's a disgrace. And we have a conflicted judge and it shouldn't be happening, not in this country. Thank you very much.