Trump Campaign Releases New Spanish-Language Ad Highlighting Biden’s Failed Record for Hispanic Americans

July 09, 2024

Today, the Trump Campaign released a new Spanish-language ad to build on President Trump’s historic inroads with the Hispanic American community, who are tired of Biden’s sky-high prices that have made gas, food, and housing unaffordable. The ad will air on Univision during the Copa Semi-Finals and Finals, both Nationally and locally in Phoenix, Tucson, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Reno, Raleigh and Philadelphia. 


This comes after the Trump Campaign launched its “Latino Americans for Trump” coalition last month.


“Despacito Biden has taken minority communities for granted for far too long, and Hispanic American voters know that crooked Joe has failed us over and over again,” said Trump Campaign Senior Advisor Danielle Alvarez. “President Trump made the American Dream achievable for all Americans once and he will do it again when we elect him as the next President of the United States.”


Biden’s approval rating has tanked among Hispanic voters. 63% of Hispanic Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and over 60% disapprove of Biden’s leadership. Under weak Joe Biden, the Hispanic unemployment rate is higher while real wages are lower.


President Trump’s leadership delivered record low unemployment ratesrecord low poverty, and record high homeownership to Hispanic communities. President Trump’s pro-growth economic agenda created an economic boom that generated countless opportunities for Hispanic Americans. 


Hispanic families looking to live the American Dream know that President Trump cut taxes, increased income, and made housing affordable once and he will do it again when we elect him on November 5th.  


Watch the ad here, or read the transcript in English and Spanish below:



Somos americanos orgullosos

We are proud Americans


Y creemos en el Sueño Americano 

And we believe in the American Dream


Pero bajo Biden es difícil

But under Biden it’s difficult


La inflación de Biden ha elevado los costos de la comida

Biden’s inflation has increased the cost of food


El precio de la gasolina está muy alto 

The cost of gas is too high


Y nuestros ingresos han bajado

And our income has decreased


Biden nos ha fallado, el Presidente Trump no lo hará

Biden has failed us, President Trump won’t


Trump bajó nuestros impuestos

Trump lowered taxes


Subió nuestros ingresos

Increased our income


Hizo que la vivienda fuera asequible

Made housing affordable


Y lo hará de nuevo

And he will do it again