KISS OF DEATH: Washington ComPost Thinks RINO Nikki Haley Will Lose Because of… Sexism

December 28, 2023

"Fact check: Nikki Haley will lose because she’s an agent of the establishment willing to sell out Americans.
These are the type of stories that get written because the media class has to concoct excuses to explain away why they have been so wrong about President Trump and the overwhelming support he has received during this campaign.
The establishment, anti-America First class has turned their hopes to Haley to be the savior of their open borders, pro-tax agenda.
When it comes to higher taxes, Nikki sounds more like a liberal Democrat than a Republicans. As governor, she proposed a 60% gas tax increase, supported a 20% increase in the state sales tax, and supports a 23% national sales tax. What do all these liberal policies have in common? They would decimate the economy and hurt working-class Americans and seniors.
Haley has also defended Obama’s open borders policies and is opposed building a wall on the southern border. She also opposes any plan to end birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants, which makes her a supporter of the America last movement.
In the same Washington Post article, the reporters breathlessly spend paragraphs talking about Haley’s wardrobe, the type of heels she wears, the Sheryl Crow songs she plays at her lowly-attended events,
They also cite numerous passages from her memoir ‘Can’t Is Not an Option,’ yet curiously omit the more scandalous parts like her forcing her husband to change his first name to ‘Michael’ because he didn’t look like a ‘Bill.’
With a pawn like Nikki Haley, the Democrats have their candidate of choice to distract from Crooked Joe Biden’s failures and carry his water against President Trump."
- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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