Ron DeSantis: A Failure For Iowa And Farmers

May 30, 2023

"With the Republican primary field continuing to expand, I have never been more confident that President Trump is the only person capable of steering our Country off this path of destruction to a nation filled with prosperity." - Iowa State Senator Tim Kraayenbrink


"I stand firm in my support for President Trump to be our candidate to beat Biden and fix the mess he has created in DC.  I, along with many of my farmer and rancher neighbors in Iowa appreciated the hard stance he took to negotiate fair trade agreements and hold countries accountable for the promises they made.  No other candidate in my opinion has the courage he demonstrated to stand up and fight for what is fair for our farmers and ranchers.  His support for the agriculture community was unwavering and its time for him to be given the chance to finish what he started to keep the US as the leader in feeding the world and keeping rural America strong." - Iowa State Representative Derek Wulf 

"I believe Trump is committed to rebuilding and investing in rural America and will provide tax relief for the middle class. While in office he secured historic trade deals to defend American workers and brokered historic peace agreements. I support his strong border policies and commitment to build the wall.  We will have energy independence once again, he will protect the unborn and put Iowa families first.  He held true on his promises while campaigning and delivered for the American people. I have faith he will deliver once again and pull us out of some of the worst decline that America has seen in my lifetime." - Iowa State Representative Brooke Boden


Polling shows President Trump has a commanding lead over DeSantis in Iowa, with President Trump leading DeSantis by 34 points. Not only is President Trump dominating DeSantis in Iowa, but he also leads by 38 points among GOP primary voters nationally.


Ron DeSantis’ Recent Iowa Visits Have Been Nothing But A Failure


This month, DeSantis traveled to Iowa for campaign events, but his trip was met with harsh criticism.


His trip was described as “unbelievably underwhelming.” Along with, “it just didn’t feel like a rally the way a Trump rally would. It felt more like a speech.”


Establishment Ron!


In DeSantis’ 2015 Senate race, DeSantis kicked off his campaign with the backing of the establishment


Fast forward to 2023, DeSantis continues to be a swamp creature with his continued support from Wall Street donors.


DeSantis’ Past Voting Record Proves To Be A Liability In The Midwest And Especially For Farmers


In 2015, DeSantis voted to eliminate The Renewable Fuel Standard as part of the FY 2016 Budget.


In 2017, DeSantis co-sponsored legislation that would have immediately ended the Renewable Fuel Standard, a mandate that requires renewable fuel to be blended into the nation's fuel supply.


“The federal mandate applies to multiple categories of biofuels, but it's main requirements are met by corn starch ethanol.”


In 2018, DeSantis opposed relief payments made to farmers to protect them from China. DeSantis disagreed with President Trump and said, “I'm not a fan of farm subsidies. And you know, to throw billions of dollars in farm subsidies, I want to get away from doing that. So there's just an honest disagreement.”


DeSantis Tried To Destroy Social Security & Medicare 


DeSantis has voted not to protect Medicare and Social Security for Iowa’s seniors.


As a congressman, DeSantis voted to raise the eligibility age to 70 to receive full Social Security benefits—in 2013, in 2014, and in 2015.


Before DeSantis was even elected to Congress, he said it was “necessary to make reforms” to Social Security.


On DeSantis’ first day in Congress, he called “to restructure some of these entitlements,” such as Social Security.


In Congress, DeSantis voted twice to cut Medicare benefits in 2015 and 2017.


A disciple of Paul Ryan, DeSantis said in one interview, “I would embrace proposals like Paul Ryan offered, and other people have offered, that are going to provide some market forces in there, more consumer choice, and make it so that it’s not just basically a system that’s just going to be bankrupt when you have new people coming into it.”



WATCH: Ron DeSantis Calls To Restructure Social Security and Medicare


Ron DeSantis Voted To Raise Your Taxes


In Congress, DeSantis cosponsored the so-called “Fair Tax Act” three times—in 2013, in 2015, and in 2017— which called for a new 23% national sales tax.


The Tax Policy Center found that Ron DeSantis’ “Fair Tax Act,” would have raised taxes on working, middle-class families.


Under DeSantis’ plan, 90% of earners would see a tax hike.


DeSantis’ proposed “Fair Tax” would have added trillions to deficits over 10 years.




WATCH: Ron DeSantis Tried to Raise Your Taxes


Ron DeSantis Voted To Outsource American Jobs


In 2014, DeSantis voted to block companies who wish to bring back American jobs from claiming a tax credit worth 20% of expenses related to moving back to the United States.


That same year, DeSantis voted to allow companies that outsource American jobs to still receive lucrative government contracts. President Trump has promised to block any company which outsources jobs to China from receiving government contracts.


In Congress, Ron DeSantis opposed President Trump’s America First trade agenda, which leveled the playing field for American workers and businesses and forced China to buy more American made goods.


DeSantis’ Disastrous Trade Record


In 2015, DeSantis voted to grant President Obama fast-track authority for trade bills submitted to congress, including TPP.


In 2015, DeSantis voted against treating currency undervaluation as an illegal subsidy, which would have put China under direct scrutiny for currency manipulation.


Unlike DeSantis, President Trump called out China for taking advantage of the United States through currency manipulation. 


In 2018, DeSantis claimed, “I’m not somebody that advocates tariffs.”


DeSantis Has Made It Clear That He Won’t Protect The United States On The World Stage


In 2014, DeSantis voted for legislation authorizing $70 million in aid to Ukraine.


In 2015, DeSantis was critical of the Obama administration for not sending lethal aid to Ukraine.


In March 2023, DeSantis characterized Russia’s war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute,” but later clarified and called Putin a war criminal.


President Trump Kept His Promises In Iowa And Delivered For Farmers


Under President Trump, he kept his promises to farmers in Iowa. This month, President Trump announced support from over 150 elected and grassroots leaders across all 99 counties in Iowa.


President Trump Delivered For Farmers


Under President Trump’s leadership he authorized ethanol producers to sell E15 year-round and allowed higher-ethanol gasoline to be distributed from existing pumps at filling stations.


Sen. Grassley praised President Trump’s ethanol efforts stating, “We probably wouldn’t be where we are without Trump’s personal involvement in it.”


President Trump also worked to allow E15 ethanol to be sold using E10 pumps.


In 2020, the Trump Administration announced the investment of over $9.3 million in grants to Iowa to increase ethanol and biodiesel sales.


As a result of the agreement President Trump negotiated, Japan agreed to over 90 percent of U.S. food and agricultural imports into Japan will either be duty free or receive preferential tariff access.


Thanks to President Trump’s strong trade policies, in 2020, China made its largest ever purchase of U.S. corn, valued at $325 million.


President Trump rebuilt and invested in rural America. In 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products, which brought innovative new technologies to market in American farming and agriculture.


President Trump’s historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act protected family farmers from the estate tax. President Trump’s historic tax cuts, virtually repealed the death tax, allowing families to keep their farms without penalty.


In 2020, President Trump invested $86 million in rural broadband service in eight states including Iowa. President Trump also modernized the Department of Agriculture’s biotechnology regulations to put America in the lead to develop new technologies.


President Trump authorized $28 billion in aid for farmers who have been subjected to unfair trade practices – fully funded by the tariffs paid by China.


In 2018, President Trump signed a sweeping new Farm Bill into law, which provided support and stability to farmers, expanded crop insurance, and doubled how much farmers can borrow.


President Trump stood up for America’s farmers by negotiating fairer, freer, and more reciprocal trade deals that removed barriers and opened markets for American farmers.


In 2020, President Trump signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) into law. Under the agreement, Canada agreed to expand market access for American dairy, egg, and poultry producers.


In addition, President Trump, successfully negotiated more than 50 agreements with countries around the world to increase foreign market access and boost exports of American agriculture products, supporting more than 1 million American jobs.


President Trump’s Vision For American Farmers And His Commitment To The People Of Iowa


President Trump has promised to cancel every Biden policy that is brutalizing our farmers. 

President Trump will appoint a special team to attack the high price of fertilizer, which has reached record highs under Biden.

President Trump will end Joe Biden’s War on American Energy and reclaim Energy Independence and Energy Dominance. This will help lower gas prices in Iowa, which are up 50% since January 2021.

President Trump will continue to support Iowa ethanol, increasing production in our own country and exporting ethanol all over the world.  

President Trump will protect Medicare and Social Security for Iowa’s seniors.


President Trump: “Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security."


President Trump will end the invasion of our southern border and has declared war on the dangerous drug cartels just as he destroyed the ISIS caliphate.


President Trump vowed to stop the war in Ukraine in 24 hours: “I want everyone to stop dying.”


President Trump will defend Parents’ Rights and support universal school choice and the direct election of school principals by the parents.


President Trump will keep men out of women’s sports and sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states.