ICYMI: President Donald J. Trump returns to Arizona as Special Guest for TPUSA “Chase the Vote Town Hall”

June 03, 2024



PHOENIX, June 2, 2024— Turning Point Action is thrilled to announce special guest President Donald J. Trump is returning to Arizona for “Chase the Vote- A Town Hall with President Donald J Trump”, sponsored by TPAction. There's never been a more critical time than now to bring Arizonans together to hear from President Donald J. Trump as he answers voters’ questions directly.  


Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point Action:  


President Trump has proven time and again that he is an absolute force of nature that the left fears more than any other," says Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point Action. "They know Joe Biden can’t beat him in a fair fight, so they’ve disgracefully weaponized the justice system. But those attacks are failing. Arizonans see the true threat to democracy, and Trump’s movement is at record levels.” 


“Arizonans have faced numerous migrant crimes due to Biden’s weak border policies. In October 2023, ICE arrested an illegal immigrant wanted for terrorism in Senegal weeks after Border Patrol released him. Arizona families have also lost $29,053 on average due to Bidenflation, with inflation over 22.2% and monthly costs spiking by $1,200.” 


“These issues are why, in poll after poll, President Trump is beating Biden in Arizona- and now is exactly the right moment for the President to speak directly to voters in state 48, and around the country, in this unique town hall format where the President shines so brightly. Watching President Trump take live questions from the audience with authenticity, strength, and compassion for the plight facing everyday people under Joe Biden’s failing policies, is exactly the contrast we are all hungry to see. We know the world will be watching.”  


“The American people know we cannot survive four more years of Joe Biden and look to President Donald J. Trump to Make America Great Again!" 






President Donald J. Trump  

Charlie Kirk 



Chase the Vote- A Town Hall with Special Guest President Donald J Trump 



Dream City Church 

13613 N. Cave Creek Rd. 

Phoenix, AZ 85022 



Thursday, June 6th 

10:00 AM: Doors Open 

2:00 PM: Event Starts 


(All times local MST)  







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