BIDEN LIES: Economy Edition

June 24, 2024


BIDEN LIE: "I created 15 million jobs."


Crooked Joe Biden’s lying (again).


72% of all jobs Biden claims to have “created” are actually jobs created under Trump returning from the pandemic.


Labor force participation was stronger under President Trump and Bidenflation has outpaced wage growth nearly the entirety of Biden’s term.




BIDEN LIE: "Inflation was 9% when I came into office."


Crooked Joe Biden has repeated this line, but even CNN knows it's total bullsh*t.


BIDEN LIE: "Gas prices were over $5 when I took office."


There isn't a person in America who believes this Biden lie.


When Biden took office, the nationwide average price of gasoline was $2.39 per gallon.


Gas prices would hit over $5—in 2022 under BIDEN when all 50 states recorded RECORD-HIGH gas prices.


BIDEN LIE: "Incomes are up."


Another Biden lie.


Bidenflation outpaced wages for a majority of Biden’s presidency – both year-over-year real average hourly earnings and real average weekly earnings were negative for 25 months.


Real wages remain lower than when Biden first took office.


Inflation-adjusted average weekly earnings were $397.90 when Biden took office and are now $380.56 – the BLS adjusts to 1982-1984 dollars – meaning Americans have seen a 4.4 percent pay cut under Biden.


Under President Trump, real average weekly wages rose 8.2 percent.


BIDEN LIE: "I cut the national debt."


That statement is factually untrue.


The U.S. national debt has increased over $7 trillion since Biden took office, according to the Treasury Department.


Crooked Joe Biden's record is indefensible — so all he can do is LIE, and that's exactly what he is going to do on Thursday night.