Black Voters Are Abandoning Crooked Joe Biden and Throwing Their Support Behind President Trump

June 17, 2024

When you've lost CNN...


CNN's Harry Enten was left "speechless" after reporting that Black voters are abandoning Biden in record numbers.


Watch the clip here.


Biden has DROPPED 16 points overall among Black voters from 2020 — but Black voters are not only ditching Biden, they are throwing their support behind President Trump.



  • Among Black voters aged 50+ — Biden has dropped 9 POINTS.


  • Among Black voters under age 50 — Biden nearly *HALVED* his support, dropping 43 POINTS.


It only gets worse for Crooked Joe.


  • In a head-to-head matchup with President Trump in battleground states, Biden drops to 63% support with Black voters.


  • If you include third-party candidates, Biden gets LESS THAN 50% of Black voters. 


Biden is hemorrhaging support among Black voters for the same reasons he's hemorrhaging support among every other voter group: Bidenomics has decimated Americans' finances and Biden has imported millions of unvetted illegals into American communities, to name a few.


While Biden was being led off-stage by Obama at some ritzy Hollywood celebrity party, President Trump was listening to Black voters and community leaders at 180 Church in Detroit.


Watch the clip here.


Watch the clip here.


Watch the clip here.


In the meantime, someone do a welfare check on Phil Bump.