Top MUST WATCH Moments From CNN Debate

June 28, 2024



At tonight's CNN debate, the American people witnessed a split screen for the ages — a strong, focused, and powerful performance from President Donald J. Trump and an incoherent, humiliating, and embarrassing display of Crooked Joe Biden's weakness and decline.


Here are some of the must-watch moments:

  • Crooked Joe Biden took zero responsibility for the millions of illegal aliens he has ferried into the country — and even credited them as "the reason why we have the most successful economy in the world."

  • Crooked Joe Biden blamed President Trump for his own historic inflation crisis.

  • Crooked Joe Biden admitted he has NO PLAN for Social Security.

  • Crooked Joe Biden lied about raising taxes on middle-class Americans.

  • Crooked Joe Biden was unable to name a single limit he'd support on taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand until birth.

  • Crooked Joe Biden malfunctioned in real time (againand againand againand again).

Meanwhile, President Trump took Crooked Joe Biden to task over Biden's border invasion, his disastrous foreign policy, his plan to raise taxes on 91% of American families, and his lifetime of chronic lying.


There's a reason two-thirds of Americans say President Trump was the clear winner of tonight's debate — because he was.